Episode 2: Stalled by Merrill Page

Rob thinks he’s in the fast lane in life, headed to the top in a high powered job, but something grotesque happens to teach him that he may be wrong about that.

Last week we provided a version with and without the intro. We discovered, in doing this, that such a practice eats up a lot of storage space. So we are taking a new tact. We have relegated all our witty banter and senseless rantings to the end of the podcast, after the story. Therefore, if you are one of those people who would rather listen to a Tina Turner song than listen to the pathetic attempts at entertainment our hosts provide, when the story ends, just hit the skip button on your player, and voila, you have an intro free version of the story. Thanks for your cooperation.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.


Right click to download the story HERE.


6 Responses to “Episode 2: Stalled by Merrill Page”

  1. Good Story. And great comments about Wall-E. Keep it up guys!

  2. I agree that it was a fun story. Nice twist on words, though a little predictable.


  3. This made me laugh a bit, I’ve thought about this scenario myself, while using the facilities at work :)

  4. Merrill Page Says:

    Thanks everybody for your comments. I felt the story was predictable as well, at least inasmuch as it involved the bathroom stall, so I tried to make it focus more on Rob and his change of heart. I’m glad you were able to get a little enjoyment out of it.

    • Wow, what an awesome story. I have been in the stall and seen the same person in the same stall day after day before, and i thought what if they died in there? You tied it so nicely to the plot line, answering the question that is inevitable, “Wouldn’t someone notice someone missing!?”

      • Merrill Page Says:

        Wow. A new comment after all these years. Cool. Thanks so much for that. Comments like this help keep me going, so thanks.

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