Episode 3: Raising Archie by Michael Stone

James has a friend who acquired a large egg via an internet auction site. Now it’s has hatched. Is his friend putting him on or did this thing really emerge from the egg?

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.


Right Click to download the story here.

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5 Responses to “Episode 3: Raising Archie by Michael Stone”

  1. Hey, no worries about the accent, you guys did a great job. Seriously, I’m thrilled with this podcast. Heh, you sound more English than me. Oh, and if you want Worst English Accent Ever (even worse than Kevin Costner’s) check out Dick Van Dyke’s mangled cockney in Mary Poppins.

  2. That was charming — I enjoyed the story.

  3. Also, I have one word for you: Waterworld.

    Okay, two words: Postman.

  4. Big Anklevich Says:

    Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Michael, it really means something to hear that we did a good job.

    And, Dick Van Dyke’s accent may be terrible, but it doesn’t stop Mary Poppins from being a great film. Probably on my top 100 list. Way above Robin Hood, Waterworld and The Postman.

  5. I really enjoyed this story. It flowed very well and put a nice, original twist on what I thought would be a predictable story. Nicely done Michael.

    And hats off to Rish & Big A for pulling off the English accent. I’ll bet it was every bit as hard as you indicated in the post-story comments!


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