Episode 5: How The Tooth Fairy, Like, Totally Scammed The Boogeyman by Derek J. Goodman

Clay has a new partner. She’s pretty, but annoying, easy to please, but a terrible con artist. Clay is about to learn that there is even more to his partner, something he never would have guessed.

Big Anklevich and Rish Outfield introduce the newest member of the Dunesteef team, R. 080T, our droid who will keep track of all the computer related issues and produce the intro portions of our show. Big and Rish also talk about their experience at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.


Download the story HERE.

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9 Responses to “Episode 5: How The Tooth Fairy, Like, Totally Scammed The Boogeyman by Derek J. Goodman”

  1. Nice story. Based on the title, I was expecting a different ending. For some reason, I always like grifter stories.


  2. Thanks, Doug. I think I may have been reading a couple of grifter novels by Lawrence Block at the time I wrote this, so that probably had some affect on it. As for the ending, the title is still true if you think about it (although I can’t say more without spoiling it for possible future readers).

  3. […] – bookmarked by 1 members originally found by Yaneey on 2008-09-29 Page 96: How The Tooth Fairy, Like, Totally Scammed The Boogeyman … […]

  4. Nicole Suddeth Says:

    haha de-evolve. that whole commentary put a smile on my face. Enjoying the story Rish :)

  5. Thanks, Nicole. I hadn’t remembered that I told my “de-evolution” story on the air, so I had to listen to it to figure out what you were talking about.

    Someday, Big has to force me to tell the story of how that word conspired to ruin my life, and why it still bothers me to this day.

  6. Nicole Suddeth Says:


    Haven’t heard the story of how it ruined you life, but Big has an audio file of me reading that particular drabble. Just so you know, showed it to my boss & she pretty much pissed her pants.

  7. Ah! I thought you were talking about something else.

    I auditioned for Jeopardy once in L.A., and the question that I lost on was “The band Devo got their name from this scientific term.”

    The guy next to me answered, “What is evolution?” and that was incorrect. I buzzed in and said, “What is devolution?” Which was also incorrect.

    The correct answer was “What is de-evolution?” and I was out of the game. The guy who won actually got to go on the real show.

    Ever since then, every time I hear the word “de-evolution,” I get angry. And I think I called that short story “Devo” instead of “De-evolution” because of that.

  8. Is there a link to the “lisa and clay” painting that he said inspired him for this story? I’d like to see it but can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  9. He didn’t give us one, so I don’t know how to help you. His livejournal is at http://derekjgoodman.livejournal.com/

    Maybe he could help you find it.

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