Episode 8: Woman Called Witch by Doug McIntire

What’s more scary than being in a bank when three men come in to rob it? Being in a bank with three robbers…and a strangely calm old woman. A woman called Witch.

Also, Rish and Big talk about the Horror genre, its sad ghettoization, and what scares people.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.


Right click to download the Episode HERE.

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6 Responses to “Episode 8: Woman Called Witch by Doug McIntire”

  1. xavier the champ Says:

    i liked the part where he was like then the cussing went to single words like shit and damn and the ever popular word FUCK! and that ladies voice was creepy

  2. Mary Ann Loesch Says:

    I thought this was a very tight story. I liked the unexpectedness of the old woman, the way she appeared to be two things at once. I think the writer’s style helps the reader get caught up in the moment. It’s convervsational and gives you the feeling that the main character is an “everyman.” I hope to hear more of this writer’s work on your site.

  3. Spooky. Enjoyed the witch’s voice a lot. Very appropriate–excellent sound effects!

    I agree, conversational style of telling, horror, but a kind of believable thing rather than gory.

  4. Your discussion at the end about babies being scary reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s story “The Small Assassin”, where a baby kills its parents. Maybe it’s not such an unusual fear after all?

  5. Great! Nothing more disturbing than the juxaposition of opposites in one character. The implication of evil smoldering silently under the amiable exterior smile. Great writing. This writer’s stories really draw you in.
    The witch’s voice was perfect…could devolve into a hint of the demonic.

  6. One of the best I’ve heard on Dunsteef yet. The story kept me riveted the whole time. Even though “witch” was not totally explained, enough is revealed to keep the reader engaged and the mystery maintained. Thanks for such an entertaining tale.

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