Episode 14: Überman by John Medaille

At Nuremberg after the end of World War II, an army psychiatrist interviews the most dangerous and powerful war criminal ever captured: the dread Nazi codenamed “Überman.”

With a villain like that in the story, Big and Rish had no choice but to talk about all-time great villains.

Special thanks to Gino Moretto for today’s story art.


Right click to download the episode HERE.

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15 Responses to “Episode 14: Überman by John Medaille”

  1. Great story, and great podcast.

    I was nervous that your Villains list would not end right (thus forcing me to take up arms against you), but you came through.

    It seemed like you were limiting your villains to works of art with a Fantastical bent, so I’m not sure this would qualify under your criteria, but there is a show called Cowboy Bebop, and on this show there is a rarely seen but deeply impactful villain by the name of Vicious. I think he would fit well on your list.

    I am new to your podcast, so I don’t know if you’d consider this beneath you, but Spike on Buffy was also a great villain.

    Other villains that would deserve consideration: Agent Smith from THE MATRIX, Nicodemus from THE SECRET OF NIHM (movie only; in the book he’s not evil), and if we really step into left field, Raistlin Majere from the DragonLance books.

    And, I don’t see how any Fantastical Villain list could even be contemplated without mentioning Loki the Trickster. All modern villains owe him a tremendous debt, which should be honored.

  2. Big Anklevich Says:

    Good stuff, Hyperion.

    There was no limit on villains to the fantastical bent, but it’s just the kind of stuff we like, so it was bound to end up that way…we did include Hannibal Lecter, he’s just a normal old serial killer.

    I can assure that Spike from Buffy is not beneath us. Rish is about as big a fan of Buffy as there can be, and he’s introducing me to it as well. I also love Raistlin Majere. I grew up reading those Dragonlance books.

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. I’d like to nominate a few honorable mentions, like the man that started it all, the original super villain, Professor James Moriarty. Then there is Doctor No, Dr. Doom, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Evil,… it sometimes seems that great evil requires a PhD.

    One of my all time favorite villains, a man who has set trends in villainy for the last hundred years, and seems to have been one of the best dressed –is Dracula. There seems to be a little bit of Dracula in every villain since. What would Darth Vader have looked like without Dracula? What would Christopher Lee’s career have been like without Dracula? Dracula is the original Master of the Dark Side.

    In the highly competitive vocation of super villainy, it does seem that the profession is a bit sexist. It is hard to think of very many really good female villains. There is Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, the 50 Foot Woman, Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura, and that horror from Canada, Céline Dion. But with the exception of Dion, none of them really inspire real horror, fear, and dread, like a Terminator, Dracula, or a Vader.

    And to expand the concept of villain beyond the humanoid mold just a bit, I’d like to nominate two that have scared the snot out of me since childhood. These two didn’t have master plans to take over the world nor do they have archenemies (but neither did Jason, Freddy, or Michael Myers). They just have victims. H.R Giger’s Alien is primal, malevolent, and if it has an agenda beyond carnivorous instinct it is simply beyond comprehension. And then there is the one that has kept generations, me included, to wade only knee-deep in the ocean, Peter Bentley’s great white – Jaws. In an aquatic smack down between Vader and Jaws, my money is on the shark.

    Last thought, in the world of villainy how to you categorize the Borg?

    I think Mega Villains.

  4. Forgot one more honorable mention:
    Ming The Mercyless – (the Max Von Sydow performance) he’s kind of the missing link between Dracula and Vader.

    I know one of you mentioned the Cobra Leader from G.I. Joe but I think Destro was the real king pin there. Destro is to the Cobra leader like Dick Cheney is to Bush.

  5. Rish Outfield Says:

    As far as a battle between Vader and Bruce the Shark goes:
    a) can Darth Vader breathe underwater? and
    b) can a lightsaber work underwater?

  6. a) Not sure – I imagine if he had an air supply in his Vader suit it probably is limited. Like a whale he’d have to come up to breath every few hours.
    b) No idea. You probably need to consult an Über-Geek.

    I was thinking Darth and at least two Storm troopers in a fishing boat (like the one in the movie) just a few miles out from Amity Island vs. the 25 foot great white.

    It would be a heck of a battle, but in the end I don’t think the dark side could prevail over millions of years of evolution.

  7. Considering I am in fact an Uber-Geek I can at least answer the second part of that question: yes, a lightsaber works under water, as seen in the first Clone Wars cartoon series.

  8. Oh, and by the way, the story was great and made even better by your performance of it. Probably one of my favorite episodes yet.

  9. Rish Outfield Says:

    Thanks, guys, it sure was a fun one to record.

    I can just see Vader and the two stormtroopers, drinking down below decks, hearing the mournful call of the krayt dragon all around them. And Vader starts in on the destruction of the Death Star, and how he was left all alone out in the cold vastness of space, debris and wreckage and bits of Imperials floating around him, stuck in this tiny TIE Fighter. Days of waiting to be picked up and rescued, and then finally, a star destroyer comes along, the massive thing passing close by, surveying the remnants of the space station.

    “You know, TK478, that was the time I was the most frightened, waiting for the Destroyer’s sensors to detect me. I’ll never put on a lifejacket again.”

  10. Big Anklevich Says:

    Oh, yeah, I saw that Clone Wars cartoon. I guess that makes me an Uber-geek too (here’s a question, can an Uber-geek defeat Uberman? Maybe that’s why the details to his capture were sketchy in his mind. He didn’t wan’t to admit that he’d been pwned by a geek.)

    Now, we’ve established that Vader’s light saber works under water, is he allowed to have special added breathing gear to take on the shark? Batman gets a new suit for every situation (judging by the number of strange toys I’ve seen on the shelves at the store…a white Batman?….oh, snow gear) so why can’t Vader?

  11. I’d like to see an Aqua-Vader action figure

  12. Big Anklevich Says:

    Unbelievably, I was walking through the store and I saw a white Darth Vader toy you could buy. It was some kind of Snow Vader. I think it’s only a matter of time before we can all get our hands on our very own Aqua-Vader.

  13. I haven’t listened to the post-story chat yet, but that is easily the strongest story on this cast to date. That Überman guy was well written and well acted. Very creepy.

  14. Well written! A good story that I enjoyed very much! Thanks John!


  15. Anonymous Says:

    Great story, best so far. (6 years late but I’m listening from episode 1)

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