Episode 16: Rampion In The Belltower by Merrie Haskell

Rampion and her grandfather are trapped in their belltower as the plague-dead ravage the city, murdering and eating any survivors.  The water has run out, and their fate seems to be sealed, but might the answer to their troubles be within the walls of the belltower with them?

Also, Big and Rish wish you a Merry Christmas.

Special thanks to Jeremiah Elkins for today’s episode art.


Right click to download the episode HERE.

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One Response to “Episode 16: Rampion In The Belltower by Merrie Haskell”

  1. Sully2161 Says:

    This was an intriguing story. It’s a bit different than my usual preference, but it really held my attention. It feels like a piece from a much larger saga (a sign of a well-established story). I’d be interested in further tales from this universe. Merrie is an awesome writer (“Dead Languages” is one of my favorites). – S

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