Episode 22: OSSE, The Ghost Of Sadie Worth by Doug McIntire


It’s finally here! The first of our four October Scary Story Event finalists.

In today’s story, four friends decide to do something different than Trick-or-Treating for Halloween this year. When they get more than they bargained for, the answer to one question might be the difference between life and death. The question is: do you believe in Sadie Worth?

Also, Big and Rish do feedback on last weeks episode.  Special thanks to Bennett Jackson, Nicole Suddeth, and Oliver Donahue for lending their voices to this episode.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.


Right click to download the episode HERE.

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14 Responses to “Episode 22: OSSE, The Ghost Of Sadie Worth by Doug McIntire”

  1. Aw, shucks, you guys are like my friends too ;)

    The story was nice and creepy, although I kind of figured out where it was going. The sound effects were a great touch, but the varying sound quality of each voice was a little on the distracting side.

  2. Derek L. Palmer Says:

    I believe in Sadie Worth.

  3. i LOVE ghost stories… especially when told in a whisper; this is a definite winner; maybe it could be made into a movie like John Carpenter’s The Fog…

  4. i remember girls in jr. high would say Mary Worth three times while looking in a mirror during a full moon, and she would supposedly appear; this was in east texas; could this be the same legend that Sadie Worth comes from?

  5. Big Anklevich Says:

    Probably. The original title of the story was The Ghost of Mary Worth. We suggested to Doug that he might want to change it, because of the Comic Strip with the title Mary Worth.

  6. And, according to some sources, if you say “Biggie Smalls” three times in a mirror, he will appear before you.

    And he will be pissed.

  7. I always heard the ghost-in-the-mirror called as Bloody Mary. Probably a regional difference thing.

  8. you guys are awesome :-) dunesteef rocks!

  9. Yeah, we called her Bloody Mary when we were kids too. I think I mentioned it on the air one time, but we were supposed to go into the Boys Room and chant her name while standing against the reflective tile wall. If you did it enough times, she would appear in the reflection, standing in the bathroom behind you, reaching for you . . . or in my case, mocking you for wetting your pants.

    Oh, and that reminds me: there was a movie just a couple of years ago in the URBAN LEGENDS series, and they called her Bloody Mary too. The main problem we found in watching the movie, was that the ghost was a really really hot chick, while the main girl was very plain. It should’ve been the other way around, ’cause every time the ghost appeared, my friend and I would want her to stick around. It got distracting.

    Thanks for the comments, folks.

  10. Nicole Suddeth Says:

    Yeah you don’t wanna keep Biggie from Satan’s “Super Sweet Sixteen”

    great episode… both of Southpark & Dunesteef.

  11. Great show! Loved this story. This was a classic ghost story, perfectly executed. We called her Bloody Mary when I was a kid too. You had to stand in the bathroom with the lights out and say “Bloody Mary” three times while looking in the mirror. I never did it, too chicken.

  12. Lynne Darling Says:

    Awesome! Gave me chills just like when I was 12 and scared myself to death with the Ouija board! Great job, and believe me when I tell you I’m never saying that name!

  13. I believe

  14. Great story! Had a very “Stand By Me” feel to it. I like the innocence of the characters and the story-telling in the narration. The story’s template is a bit stereo-typical, but the way it was described made it truly frightening. Keep them coming!

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