Episode 23: Lonely Heart Clob by Michael Stone

Life is tough for Leonard.  Adding to the misery of his job, his lack of lovelife, and funny accent, there’s Clob.  Yes, Clob the pig.  Clob the imaginary friend. Clob the manifestation of his id.  What, don’t you have a Clob?

Also, Rish and Big talk about their top five favorite TV show theme songs of all time.  Have you got a favorite theme song?  Why not leave a comment and tell us what it is?

Special thanks to Emma Dubery for lending her voice to this episode.


Right click to download the episode HERE.

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15 Responses to “Episode 23: Lonely Heart Clob by Michael Stone”

  1. What’s that about my wife? Why I oughta… Jus’ kiddin’, you did a terrific job as always. Thanks, guys.

  2. Big Anklevich Says:

    Rish has a big mouth sometimes. I think you should send some blokes out to give him a good rogering.

  3. That was great! You guys should definitely sing more. *snorfle*

  4. Actually, Rish, your singing for Greatest American Hero sounded pretty good. Someone out there really needs to remake that show. If they can do it for Battlestar Galactica and Knight Rider, then why not GAH?

    I understand why you went pretty retro in your pics (and I’m at just the right age to remember a few of those fondly), but for me my personal favorite TV theme is the X-Files. Even after having heard it a gajillion times, the whistling thing still gives me the chills.

  5. Rish Outfield Says:

    I like the self-effacing way you write, Mike.

    I was at the local bookstore today and I saw a short story collection with one of your pieces in it. I started telling everyone around me, “Hey, I know that guy!” Eventually, though, I was forcibly removed from the premises. Worst part of it was, when the security guard shoved me the first time, I nearly knocked down their big Stephenie Meyer display.


  6. There’s a book with me on general sale in bookstores? I’m impressed. Any idea which one it was?

    I just realised… the three stories of mine you’ve bought so far are all in first-person, and yes, the main characters are self-effacing. Maybe I should send you an ‘in yer face’ third-person piece. A long one, so you can print it out, roll it up and bop that security guard over the head.

  7. Just a quick note to say that I think that was probably the best Dunesteef yet. I think you guys have found your communal voice as a podcast.

  8. I liked this story a lot too! Great reading, I’m no expert but I thought your accents were quite good :)

  9. Great story! Please post the name of the anthology where Mr. Stone appeared. I’d like to look into it.
    Greatest American Hero – Best theme song *ever*. Pretty good rendition of it, too. Still, I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention some of my other favorites: Charles In Charge, Facts of Life, Hawaii Five-Oh?

  10. This episode made me curious enough to see whether either of you have blogs. I don’t know about Bigg, but Rish does (easily found). Apparently, you did a lot more than _watch_ TV. You were actually _in_ it. That sounds interesting. You should talk about it sometime. :)

  11. Mike, I believe the anthology was called “The Undead: Flesh Feast,” and it had a zombie story of yours in it. Maybe you should verify whether that one is yours before many, many more Stephenie Meyer displays are knocked over.

  12. Ah, I’d heard Permuted Press were making strides towards bookstore distribution. Good for them! And yes, that’s me. “Memory Bones”, a non-zombie story I somehow managed to sneak intoa zombie antho.

  13. Apparently Permuted has their own end caps in some Borders stores, so yes, the strides they’re making are awesome.

  14. Good story. I’m getting caught up on some stories I skipped and I liked this one a lot. Clob is an intersting fellow, but not one I’d like hanging around all the time, if you know what I mean.

  15. Thanks, Doug. Hope you enjoy the sequel, too!

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