Episode 28: Freelanga by Jason Sanford

The mavich is coming. It can’t be stopped. The only way to get away is to change who you are, through and through. That works pretty well . . . for a while.

Rish and Big talk about the Broken Mirror Story Event, and reveal the premise for the contest.  They talk about more experiences with different people having the same idea simultaneously.  Also, see if you can count how many times Big Anklevich says “That’s right,” throughout the episode.

We’d also like to thank Liz Mierzejewski and Abigail Hilton for contributing their voices to today’s episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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4 Responses to “Episode 28: Freelanga by Jason Sanford”

  1. Hey, I know it’s pretty obvious if you’ve listened to the episode, but I’m really sorry that you can hear me sniffling throughout. I took an allergy pill before the show, but it didn’t really kick in until the end, and by then, there had been far too many sniffles and snorts to cut out.

    I’d like to say it will never happen again, but . . . well, let’s be realistic.

  2. Hearing the story as a whole, having only read a part of it, is actually a pretty cool experience. I come in like someone with partial amnesia. Maybe that’s an idea you should try… Only give voice people exactly what they need and see what happens.

    So, one year I had this great idea for my NaNoWriMo book. I would write from a ghost’s POV about her attempts to contact her family. Wow! What a great idea! So I was almost done, and someone handed me the book “The Lovely Bones.” Crap.

    Then I started researching and outlining and back-story-ing (is that a word?) another novel. I had put at least 20 hours into it, wrote out the religion of the aliens, the science of their travel, how they communicate, major plot points…
    And then M. Night Shaymalan went ahead and destroyed my awesome idea with his crappy movie “The Happening”. And then I find out about the movies “The Thing from Another World” and “Day of the Triffids.” Both sentient plant concepts.

    Argh. It happens to me all the time. Either I’m in touch with a very old idea stream or I’ve somehow absorbed pop culture without knowing it.

  3. I couldn’t hear your sniffles, Rish. No worries. :) I assume you’ve tried Claritin? It can be sort of a wonder drug for cat allergies…for some people, anyway. Even better when taken with one of the old sudafeds (the new ones are worthless). That’s what Claritin-D used to be, but alas, fear of meth makers has ruined allergy meds.

  4. I know it is late in the game and no one might not get this, but what was the Jason Sanford that was the best you ever read? That had to be the best tease without resolution almost kind of like the origin of “Dunesteef”

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