Episode 29: A Better Teleportation Theory by Michael Anthony

Tasha Meckler nearly discovered the secret of teleportation.  Now discredited, a new opportunity arises to clear her name and regain respect in her field.  Should she take it?”

Big and Rish talk about teleportation in fiction, and a bit more about this month’s Broken Mirror Story Event.  Oh, and Richard Simmons.

We’d also like to thank Abigail Hilton for today’s narration.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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19 Responses to “Episode 29: A Better Teleportation Theory by Michael Anthony”

  1. “A foole and his money is soone parted.”
    -1587 J. Bridges, Defense of Government in Church of England xv. 1294-

    I enjoyed the story. It’s not hard to imagine that brilliant people can so easily be swindled or made the fool. I know a few geniuses, and it still amazes me that on occasion they are unable to comprehend the simplest of riddles.

    A good start to a new Issue.
    Very well written and extremely well read. Really enjoyed the voice talent this week. The only thing I found odd, in the story, was that a Phd, and leading physicist, would marry a college drop out. But love is Blind. Deaf. Dumb. Stupid. Remedial.

    Sorry if you have covered this in an earlier episode, but what the heck is on pages 1, 2, and 3. Table of contents? big glossy advert for dehydrated water? Photoshoped images of you guys appearing fit? What?

  2. You know, I asked Big that very question while we were shooting. I almost expected him to say “Ads,” but his answer was that the first two pages are the title page and the table of contents.

    Photoshopped to make us look fit, of course.

  3. Hey, your streaming player is clear! :)

    You guys did a good job on this one; that piano music is perfect.

    I think you should leave your chatter in. Half of your audience (especially your new listeners) will probably skip it. It’s in the right place at the end of the episode – non-intrusive. The people who do stick around are your most engaged listeners, and the chatter makes them feel like they know you (if you’re acting, you do an awfully good job of sounding unscripted). Your chatter also gives continuity to the podcast from week to week.

    Kevin – Unfortunately, a lot of highly educated, cerebral people seem to make strange mating decisions. Especially women. I’ve met some professors with exactly the sort of husband this authors describes. Those gals did very little dating, spent all their time studying, feared social situations, and married the first interested party.

    On the other hand, the part where she mentions mitochondria to her high school class…? Apparently, she’s teaching biology, and really she’d have no trouble getting job teaching high school physics. Seems unlikely that they’d have her teaching biology.

  4. There’s chatter after the stories? Does everybody know about this?

  5. LOL. I do remember the first episode I listened to thinking, “Go gracious! Do these guys ever shut up? How much longer are they going to talk about their imaginary robot?” But then it kind of, um, grew on me.

  6. being a loser myself, i was really able to identify w. the main character; i enjoyed the story—especially the ending; it was so realistic;

    i just realized that i listen to strange podcasts to escape from one reality into another reality (that isn’t even real); how screwed up can i get?

    keep up the good work; you guys are an inspiration to losers everywhere :-)

  7. Big Anklevich Says:

    Like Rish said, it’s the title page, table of contents, maybe a full page add for lipstick or one of those perfume ads that you can rub on your skin and smell good for the rest of the day. At least we’re not like Vogue or something. Then our first story would start on page 48, after all those crappy full page ads for the Gap and so on (Gap is probably too plebeian for Vogue actually).

  8. Michael Anthony Says:

    Wow great job guys. Choice of music was perfect. Abigail was perfect. Thanks again!

  9. I enjoyed it :)
    I found myself focusing on the foley portion of the program. Done very well.

    I for one do listen to the chatter at the end. It gives me the impression that I have friends. That don’t listen to me. Or respond to me. Or just want me bring them cookies and coffee, while I’m walking quietly on tiptoes and backing out of the room slowly, bowing.

  10. I think that’s an accurate description of our relationship, Liz.

  11. Big Anklevich Says:

    Yeah, except last time the coffee was cold. That’s just not okay, and the bowing and tiptoeing doesn’t make up for it.

  12. Oh, fail fail fail. And I bet the cookies were dry.

  13. I enjoyed the story, though the slightly hollow quality of the narrator’s microphone was a little annoying. Not a huge deal though.

    I’m having trouble thinking of a BM (yes, I see what I did there) to go with your topic. The teleportation field is so much more fallow (correct usage?) in my opinion.

  14. Herb Petro Says:

    I like the outro/intro better than the stories!

    I have fast forwarded through a story or two before, but never the Rish/Big banter. Truly!

  15. Big Anklevich Says:

    He didn’t fast forward through your story, Derek, just that one by Rish.

  16. You’re a monster, Big.

  17. This story rocked! Michael Anthony is supremely talented. Good job guys, as usual.

  18. Sorry, but I couldn’t finish this one. I just couldn’t believe that the prof could invest her money without at least asking a few more questions about how it worked. When she saw the demo of teleportation, she would surely have wanted to go and check the apparatus for hidden compartments and the like.

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