Episode 32: Revolving Door by Pete Tzinski

revolving door

R. Norman Harrison never says much at the yearly writers retreats.  But this year, he has a story to tell, from long ago.  A story about a road trip in 1945, a mysterious house in the middle of nowhere, and a door to a place that can only be described as magical.

Also, Rish and Big talk about writing and writers groups, books, Broken Mirror Stories, personal experiences, and eventually get back to talk about writing.

Special Thanks to Ric Vinhage for editing this story.

Right click to download the story HERE.


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13 Responses to “Episode 32: Revolving Door by Pete Tzinski”

  1. So if you have the chance to enter the Land Of Perfect Writing and leave the real world behind, do you do it? Paradise with the knowledge that you leave it all behind, the good, the great, the painful, the everything.

    I think I would not. As much as I am tortured by my teenage daughter (in ways that would break your heart) and wish I could write without feeling like I’m giving birth to a watermelon with each story, I would not trade it for perfect writer’s bliss.

  2. Jeez, 14 more seconds and this episode would be to long to get on a disc.

    I really liked the story, a little to much crying, but good solid writing, and well produced. Is it just me or did this story remind anyone else of Star Trek: Generations? Maybe I just have too much Star Trek on the brain of late, but I thought that what happened to the character was pretty much the same thing as the Nexus, the energy ribbon that creates an individual’s paradise – whatever that means to them. Probably just me. Too much Star Trek.

  3. Big Anklevich Says:

    Yeah, we could have edited it down, but we just couldn’t think what should have been cut. Besides, it was still short enough to get on a disc…and that’s all that really matters…right?

    I would answer the Star Trek comment too, but I think I’ll leave that for Rish. He’ll do a better job. Instead, I’ll talk about Liz’s comment. I think, Liz, that since you wouldn’t be swayed by the writer’s paradise, that wouldn’t be the paradise offered to you. I suppose your paradise would include your daughter, family and all the rest. I don’t know. Maybe it wouldn’t, because Norman’s perfect place didn’t include his friends, even though he wanted it to enough to go back and get them. So maybe the perfect place generator can’t create people. Who knows…

  4. Wendy Cooper Says:

    Liked the story. And I liked the writing tips again. Thanks.

  5. That Guy Says:

    I actually liked the banter better than the story. The banter was funny, but the story was just wish-fulfillment. I knew exactly what was going to happen from the moment the man in the suit let Norman into the house. The writing was passable; the overuse of “in the Nevada desert” was quite obvious to me. I also didn’t care for the author’s first story on Dunesteef. Can’t win ’em all I guess.

  6. I liked that story, and you guys did a great job with sound effects and music. I wonder if some writers really would be content to write great stuff in the absence of a real, engaged audience. Your banter was entertaining as always. I liked The Drawing of the Three! It was my favorite Dark Tower book! :D

  7. Big Anklevich Says:

    My favorite too. But I think listening to the Frank Muller reading had a lot to do with that…That’s a preview of an upcoming episode for you.

  8. Yep, that’s how I got it, too. So…Frank Muller is reading an upcoming episode of the Dunesteef?? :)

  9. Big Anklevich Says:

    I wish. The poor man has gone into involuntary retirement, so that will never happen. But we do discuss him in an upcoming episode.

  10. *google search* Oh. How very sad.

  11. I meant to post this when I actually listened to this episode, but time got away from me. In regards to critiquing, it is definitely not my favourite thing to do, but I thought that this was a fair guide. http://www.therthdimension.org/FictionWriting/How_to_Cope_with_Critiquing/how_to_cope_with_critiquing.htm

  12. Sully2161 Says:

    I’m a bit behind on my podcasts, so I just listened to this episode. I just wanted to chime in and say that I thought Rish did a bang-up job on the voicework this episode. The dialog was well acted and the voice really fit. I was especially impressed with Rish doing his character’s voice doing his friend’s voices. LoL. – S

  13. I quite liked the story overall, but I thought the constant reminders that the group were round the campfire were unnecessary, and it was just unbelievable that the narrator wouldn’t say what happened to the friends, or than nobody would ask.

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