Episode 38: Japanese Motorcycle Clob by Michael Stone

In a sequel to “Lonely Heart Clob,” Leonard has finally won the heart of the lovely Catherine Hewson.  But how can he keep her?  His semi-imaginary pig companion Clob has a suggestion or two.
And, in the final episode of the spring issue, Big and Rish talk about Pixar Animation Studio, their newest film UP, their previous efforts, their distinguished competition, and something called Shrek Syndrome. The episode is long, but hopefully it’s as good as it is long.

Special thanks to Emma Dubery for lending her voice to today’s episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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11 Responses to “Episode 38: Japanese Motorcycle Clob by Michael Stone”

  1. Loved the Japanese Motorcycle Clob story!

  2. Fabulous, you got the first sequel on the show, Mike! Loved it, I laughed out loud most of the way through. Also, Heather is officially my favorite interviewer.

    Also, Clob’s voice *is* quite perfect.

  3. Excellent. I love the voices.

  4. Bret and Cate, thanks! Katey, thanks from me and Heather! And, of course, thanks Rish, Big and Emma for making my words come to life. You guys never fail to amaze me.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Pixar vs Dreamworks et al chat. couldn’t agree more with the sentiment that a film should be judged on its merits and not the medium it’s in. Incidentally, Dreamworks made a terrific (IMHO) animated movie when they made Sinbad (Brad Pitt! Catherine Zeta Jones!), but it flopped because no one was interested in a traditionally animated film, even it did feature a lot of computer jiggery-pokery. Dreamworks scrapped their plans for more of the same and decided instead to focus on safe if mediocre shite like Over the Hedge.

  5. Another spectacular story from Michael Stone! I got to read this one a while back but the audio version brought it to a whole new level! Dunesteef’s treatment of it was top notch! Well done to all the artists involved! What a talented group!

  6. I don’t even recall if it was part of the story, but I keep picturing the pig in a black leather MC jacket, with a kicky leather cap to go with.
    I was tempted to draw it.


  7. Cambodia Carl Says:

    Hey, I’d go see any movie that had “Featuring the voice of DAVID PAYMER!!!” in the commercials.

  8. Wendy Cooper Says:

    Really liked this story. I love Clob. I also enjoy Big’s voice as Clob. Makes me laugh! Rish does a good job as well.

  9. Thanks, Matt and Wendy!

    Liz, I described Clob as wearing a MC jacket and a pisspot helmet i.e a little bowl-shaped jobbie with leather side straps. If you do a drawing I’d love to see it!

  10. Loved the story, Mike – where do I get my very own Clob? Great interview too.

  11. Thanks, LRB. Clobs are freely available at your local mental institution. Or you can watch Harvey and Donnie Darko back to back for several days until you start to see your own imaginary friends. I’ll pass on the interview credit to Heather.

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