Episode 39: The One Year Anniversary Special

It’s been a year since the Dunesteef sullied the net with its presence! Big and Rish talk a little bit about the year that was, favorite moments, which show has been the most popular, what they’ve learned, who they’d like to thank, and what the other should apologize for. Also, they throw in a couple of bonus stories: “Devo” by Rish Outfield and “The Shortest Ghost Story Ever Told” by Big Anklevich.

Special thanks to Josh Roseman and Amory Lowe for voicing “Devo” and Nicole Suddeth for voicing “The Shortest Ghost Story Ever Told.”

Right click to download the episode HERE.


17 Responses to “Episode 39: The One Year Anniversary Special”

  1. When I began listening to this podcast I had no idea it was still in its infancy. Big and Rish and Ro8oT always perform as long-time partners, very smooth.

    Oh, and congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary Dunesteef

    The first year is a benchmark not many podcasts get to. In the last six months I’ve watched as multiple podcasts have gone quiet after just a few episodes. Listening this past year I can tell you guys create each episode not from a lack of anything better to do or the deep love of the sound of your own voices, but from real creative commitment, enthusiasm for new media, and an appreciation for the labor of writing.

    I think what I’ve enjoyed the most about this past year is how the Dunesteef has managed to be original in format, style and presentation. Its Car Talk meets Drabblecast. Its This American Life meets Escape Pod. Its Grand Funk Railroad meets The Big Bang Theory. It’s very unique and I don’t give a Ferengi’s fart what the pundits say, I hope the Dunesteef will have a 50th anniversary 49 years from now. I wonder what that would sound like?

  3. Wendy Cooper Says:

    Happy Anniversary Guys!

    Love the Show. Can’t wait for another year!

  4. Nicole Suddeth Says:

    Horray! One year old! Drinks all around!

    Thanks for letting me read, it was a lot of fun!

    Rish, if I’m going to set you up with my friends, I need to know your type…

  5. Happy anniversary, Dunesteef!

    “Explicit” is a selling point. For every listener you drive off with it, you’ll pinged the interest of 3 others. Earn that warning and keep it.

    I’m trying to remember where I started listening. It was pretty early, but I was skipping the banter for a while. You hooked me on Create of the Sea. I can’t even remember what you said, but I actually listened to the banter all the way through and laughed out loud and kept listening from there on.

    Clowning is your super power.

  6. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Happy anniversary! And you’ve probably got about four more months before The Internet can get that restraining order filed, so you’ve got some time to make more shows!

  7. Congrats on the one year thingy. I love the show, banter and all (that and I could listen to Rish all day long). If I had a beverage in hand, I would lift my drink to you guys. However, I simply have my fingers stuck to a grubby keyboard so I hope that will do.

  8. Congrats on your anniversary!

  9. Happy anniversary guys!

    Kevin said what I was thinking, and probably a lot more eloquently than I could say it. :)

    … love the show. Keep it up, you are doing something special here.

  10. “I hope the Dunesteef will have a 50th anniversary 49 years from now. I wonder what that would sound like?”

    R080T will be the primary host, with a reanimated cyborg version of Big helping him out. Occasionally R080T will lighten the mood by prodding Rish, whom he keeps in small cage, with a cattle prod.

    Announcer Man will still be cranky.

  11. I’m all teary-eyed. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. It feels sooooooo much longer. I mean, really, it does. Almost like forever. Eternal. Never ending.

  12. Speaking of unbelievably long things, Liz, how exactly does one pronounce your last name again?

  13. Just like Big says it: Meer – zjee – YES – key

  14. Dr. Goodman,

    You, being a doctor, should know that there’s no way that announcer man is going to make it to the 50th anniversary show. Not with his obsessive pipe smoking habit. He’ll be lucky to make it to the second anniversary show. We may have to record him saying his things and start using those at some point…heh heh

  15. Announcer Man will never die. It’s a known fact that there are traces of formaldahyde in cigarettes, and with the way he smokes I’m sure he has enough in him to be preserved forever.

    Trust me. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a doctor.

  16. You think you could take a look at this sore for me? I try not to scratch it, but it keeps on getting bigger.

  17. Amputate. Always amputate.

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