Episode 40: The Edge Of The Map by Ian Creasey

In the near-future, where a steadily growing network of nano-cameras keep watch over almost everything, a reporter wants one last chance to get an old-fashioned scoop. So she heads to the last blind spot in the world, before the nano-cam network achieves 100% coverage. But just what exactly is waiting for her there?

Also, Rish and Big introduce to you the newest (shameless and always unsuccessful) promotional contest. It’s the Name That Quote Contest!

Special thanks to Emma Dubery for narrating today’s story.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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10 Responses to “Episode 40: The Edge Of The Map by Ian Creasey”

  1. In the world of cryptozoology, Bigfoot is the only one I’ll even give any serious consideration. All the others have their guilty pleasures, but it’s not the same. I even wrote a story about Bigfoot… and got paid and everything! That;s what I call dedication.

    I love the idea that The Weird retreats. It would explain so much, like how the demons under the bed disappear and aliens never show up on the busy streets of London.

  2. radlilim Says:

    Great story, awesome concept. It really kept me interested the entire reading. I can’t wait to find the other stories this author has online.

    The differences between the original reading and the “edits” was more jarring than I’ve noticed in other readings, and a bit distracting.

  3. I’m sorry about that, radlilim. That sort of inconsistency is inevitable, it seems, as a person’s voice changes depending on the time of day or the way they’re sitting/standing or how close they are to the mic. If anyone has a suggestion to avoid the differences (besides making the talent record the whole thing again), please give us your suggestions.

  4. radlilim, Ian Creasey has several great stories out there online. He just did an episode of Escape Pod a few months aga with a great story called, “This Is How It Feels.”


  5. This was a very enjoyable story marrying the fantasy with the science quite well.

  6. Is this the episode with the movie quotes quiz on it?

    I realized I never announced what the prize is. So, I went to the WATCHMEN DIRECTOR’S CUT screening with Zack Snyder, and if you were man (or wo-man) enough to stay until the end, he gave out t-shirts for his upcoming feature SUCKERPUNCH. So, I have either a Mens or a Womens grey shortsleeve t-shirt as swag for our quote contest.

    Either that or a TWILIGHT: NEW MOON mini-poster and a button and postcard for Showtime’s “Dexter.”

  7. Marcus Stefan Brodeur Says:

    I just realised that, despite the fact that I’ve been in touch with you fine fellows in email, I haven’t actually posted any comments here on the website, which is a bit rubbish of me, really.

    So expect a sudden rush of pointless witherings to do the magical +1 dance on all of your Comments tallies from this episode onwards.

    Casting my mind back to this, the very first episode of Dunesteef that I heard, all I can remember is that I was really taken by the way it wasn’t just a straight reading, but had sound effects worked in, etc. Whilst I of course have no beef with ‘straight reading’ podcasts — I’m a fan of Escape Pod and Pseudopod in particular, for example — the Dunesteef really grabbed me at the outset as having a nice professional feel to it.

    And you guys strike a nice balance between story time and banter. Having now heard what, half a dozen episodes, I look forward to hearing the two of you chatting nearly as much as the stories themselves. Of course, I may just be biased because I get (and am amused by) about 95% of the cultural references and in-jokes you drop.

    Of course, I say this, and yet I still bombed out on your fab film quote contest, but really, 8 out of 25 isn’t bad, right?

  8. Basically, I enjoy everything about this podcast. I liked it so much that I almost had nothing to say. But then I hear you say every so often that listener feedback encourages you.

    So, I love the stories, the production, the music, the banter at the end. Basically everything.

    I was tickled the other day when for the first time, I actually ‘fast-forwarded’ to the banter to listen to it first because I wanted to laugh.

    Well, anyway. Keep up the good work!

    And thanks.

  9. That’s it, I’m naming my first kid Nigel. I don’t care if he is thrashed repeated every day through primary school.

  10. Ian Creasey has a story up over at Escape Pod now, posted a few weeks ago, in which Susanna Munro makes an appearance…kind of fun to see. It’s a much younger and still hungry Susanna in that one.


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