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Episode 43: Time In A Rice Bowl by Rick Kennett

Posted in Action, Horror, Novelette, Rick Kennett on August 23, 2009 by dunesteef

Ernie Pine’s niece, Christine, has become tangled up in an hundred-year-old Chinese spell. Now, Ernie is caught in a mad dash to save her from an evil force that is trying to steal that ancient magic. But is Christine even alive anymore?

Also, Rish and Big talk about ghosts, and their past experiences with them. They also do a lot of whining. outtake

Special thanks to Cameron Horsburgh, Deb Sampson, Belinda Raisin, and Ildiko Susany for lending their voices to this episode, and to Liz Mierzejewski for the fantastic artwork.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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Episode 42: Lost In Memory by Matt Kluchar

Posted in Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Matt Kluchar, Science Fiction, Short Story on August 15, 2009 by dunesteef

Peter has grown old. He’s outlived all the people who love him, and all he has left is his memories. But might reliving his memories be dangerous? Even deadly?

Also, Rish and Big talk about suspension of disbelief, stupid stunts they pulled when they were young and stupid…well, more stupid anyway, and the Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn’t expect that). outtake

Special thanks to Amory Lowe, Liz Mierzejewski and Ric Vinhage for their help on this episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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Episode 41: Miranda And The Butterfly by Abigail Hilton

Posted in Abigail Hilton, Comedy, Fantasy, Short Story on August 3, 2009 by dunesteef

Miranda has never known her father, and her mother hasn’t been very forthcoming about identity. But one day, staying home from school, she meets the man, and everything becomes clear.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about destiny, being ordinary, and make fun of Abbie much more than is necessary. Also, it’s been ten years since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in theatres. What do they remember about its release, and how do they feel about the movie now?

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski for lending her voice to today’s story, and Lisa Wilde for today’s episode art.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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