Episode 42: Lost In Memory by Matt Kluchar

Peter has grown old. He’s outlived all the people who love him, and all he has left is his memories. But might reliving his memories be dangerous? Even deadly?

Also, Rish and Big talk about suspension of disbelief, stupid stunts they pulled when they were young and stupid…well, more stupid anyway, and the Spanish Inquisition (bet you didn’t expect that). outtake

Special thanks to Amory Lowe, Liz Mierzejewski and Ric Vinhage for their help on this episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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12 Responses to “Episode 42: Lost In Memory by Matt Kluchar”

  1. That story reminded me of _Up_ and also _The Time Traveler’s Wife_. It was a good story!

    Thanks for the mention and the links. *grins* You guys continue to demonstrate your Weasley-ness. The overlay of Announcer Man across the Monty Python banter worked really well. Much lolz.

    For Prophet – I should probably go back and take those early asides out of my feed, maybe replace them with something more coherent. I knew I needed to say _something_ (because otherwise, what’s the point of having your own feed?), but I was too nervous to say anything important.

    And, yes, Rish, I am a *real* girl.

  2. My very first NaNoWriMo novel was about the main character getting another shot at her younger life, with the intention of doing it correctly this time. Then things go horribly wrong as she realizes how much she hated her childhood and the torment she went through.
    Maybe it’s a girl thing, but I don’t know any women who would volunteer to relive their youth.
    I remember a poignant scene in Our Town when the main character realizes that reliving memories when you know the ultimate outcome is painful and tragic. That’s more how I think about my past as well. Onward and upward!

  3. Rish’s old man voice is pretty good. Big, you kind of sounded like a muppet. Sorry. (My old man voice isn’t any better; the best I get is the sergeant I played in “Grenade” on Nobilis’s podcast.)

    For me the moment the story lost me wasn’t the “missing parts” but when the main character had the same last name as the author. Self-insertion stories are, in my opinion, really difficult to pull off. Then, in the AN, when the author said “yeah, it was me and all my friends”, that soured it for me even more.

    I did like the ending — not what I was expecting.

    I really needed to know more about Gabe for him to work as a character. Was he some sort of angel, a ghost, something else? Otherwise he was just a deus ex machina.

    Not my favorite Dunesteef episode. Sorry guys.

  4. Yeah, I was actually going to say that I didn’t find the doctor’s explanation all that unbelievable when talking to a patient. To a colleague, yes, it would have been a silly conversation. But doctors couch things to patients in these sorts of terms all the time. It’s not strictly correct. It’s not what lab is telling the doc. But it’s something that the patient can understand.

    I, too, was wondering what Gabe was supposed to be.

  5. Well, I didn’t write the story, but I’m pretty certain Gabe is supposed to be an angel. I think that’s why he’s named Gabe, Re: The Angel Gabriel. I think that’s why Peter was never freaked out by the guy like he should have been. Gabe seemed to turn on some kind of Trust Me power, and Peter just went with it.

    Josh – You’re not the first person to say I sound like a muppet. One listener once told me that my voice was very much like Jim Henson’s, so there you have it, I guess. Rish must be Frank Oz, he could do tons of different voices brilliantly. Jim Henson was basically just Kermit the Frog, or a character who sounded just like Kermit.

  6. Well, I understood he was supposed to be Gabriel but there was never an aha moment with Peter that I think we really needed.

    Big, it’s just your old man voice. Your regular voice just sounds like a voice.

  7. Yes…. I didn’t actually miss the angel name, either. I just didn’t see how it was necessary or had anything to do with time travel. Like Josh said, there wasn’t an “Ah-ha” moment (or, as I like to call them, a “so what?” moment).

    But, you know, that’s forgivable in magical realism. Nooo one expects the Angle Gabriel!!! Whahaha!

    Also, I think Rish has the most versatile voice in podcasting. I actually thought you’d gotten someone else to play the old man at the beginning.

  8. Dang, more high praise, just when I was going to give you a pink slip.

    That’s just like you, Abbie. You go and say these things, and you make it impossible for me to hate you. And I do hate you, Abbie.

  9. >That’s just like you, Abbie. You go and say these things, and you make it >impossible for me to hate you. And I do hate you, Abbie.

    And also, you’re so warm and cuddly. Hey, I got another drabble (as yet unproduced) on the Drabblecast! Norm read it live on a Geekspeak Radio interview. (Eep!) He also mentioned you guys, and the hosts from Geekspeak said they’d heard of you, so cookies for everyone?

  10. I suppose you can have a cookie…but just one.

    I haven’t heard of Geekspeak myself, but, searching the net, I found the podcast and I’m listening to it now. It’s a fun show. I like their news stories that they find. Interesting things. I guess I’m a geek, and they speak to me.

  11. I loooove When Harry Met Sally.

  12. Matt Kluchar Says:

    I guess it’s ok for me to interject something, since I wrote the story. Just a comment about Gabe. I wanted him to be a little ambiguous. I am a Christian and originally wanted him to be an angel. But I wanted him to be more accesible to non-Christians as well, just like a mysterious spectral-type character. I had written where he told Peter he was an angel and then I took it out and left it up to the reader’s interpretation.

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