Episode 48: On The Origin Of Sounds by Christopher Fisher

William Serrill has gone back to his childhood home for a vacation, the house he and his overactive, terrified imagination so feared decades ago. But was it really just his imagination? If so, what is that sound coming from upstairs?

Also, Rish and Big talk about irrational fears (mostly Rish’s, the big baby).

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28 Responses to “Episode 48: On The Origin Of Sounds by Christopher Fisher”

  1. Love this podcast. Love you guys.

    I actually enjoy listening to you guys talk as much as I enjoy the story. This format works really well for me. And you crack me up on a regular basis.

    Thanks for another great episode. Keep up the good work.

  2. oh, and odd scary things:

    since childhood perhaps the oddest thing that scared me was……butterflies! Something about their odd patterns of flight, I guess that’s not so different from Rish’s friend and the moths. Although, interestingly moths never scared me. I guess their appearance must have something to do with it as well. And with butterflies my strange amygdala was always convinced that they were trying to come towards me.

    oddly enough, when I got the chance to see and touch snakes they didn’t bother me at all.

    Also, Mulholland Drive scared me thoroughly and on a very deep level.

  3. TremblingEagle Says:

    Really ignorant comments about “Ultimate Fighting” guys way to mock something you don’t understand. The UFC is a company the sport is called Mixed Martial Arts, I know the concept of martial arts and combat sports is disgusting to those who are uniformed but if you do a little research you’ll find generations of men and women have used martial training and practice as a means to self improvement and discipline.

    You sound like people talking about the “devil” rock n roll music or that rap noise all the kids are on about.

  4. You’re absolutely right, TremblingEagle. The “sport” is totally disgusting to us uniformed people. In fact, I find that as soon as I take off my uniform, I suddenly have no objections at all and the experience suddenly becomes quite pleasant. That’s why I always watch my MMA in the nude. My buddies at the fire station are, of course, not too comfortable with this, but it’s much more enjoyable for me!

  5. Alright, Skippy, typos aside…

    TremblingEagle, you are definitely right, we are both ignorant and uninformed about the sport and its value as a means to self-improvement. My only experience with the sport was watching video tapes of the events with my friends in high school. I formed my opinion around my friends reactions to what we saw. They absolutely loved to see the blood when it came. Their reaction to the spectacle was much more akin to people watching dogs fight to the death than to people watching a boxing match or a similar sport.

    There must be more to the sport, because years later and it continues to gain popularity, as I mentioned when I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t find radio shows about sports I liked because the time was being taken up by the Ultimate Fighting show. But I think my opinion has been irreparably damaged by the reaction of those others that watched it with me. My friends liked it a lot though. They got together again and again to watch further tapes of further events.

    Sorry to have besmirched your sport though. I should know better. being a fan of soccer in the U.S. all I ever hear on the radio is negative comments from those who don’t understand it. Sorry man…You don’t have to worry, though, we probably will never speak of it again.

  6. Really ignorant comments about “Clowning” guys way to mock something you don’t understand. The Circus is a company; the hobby is called Clowning Around. I know the concept of clownology and Commedia dell’Arte is disgusting to those who are uniformed but if you do a little research you’ll find generations of men and women have used gags and prop stunts as a means to self improvement and discipline.

  7. Okay, Liz, I’m sorry for what I said about clowns. I know there must be value in clowns, but my first experience with a clown was when I was six, and a clown robbed my parents of all their money then executed them in an alley outside a theater. It was very traumatic, and I haven’t been able to see clowns the same way since.

  8. Cockroaches! When I was a small child, we live in a house so infested that, in spite of yearly professional exterminators, you could hear a hiss if you turned on a light in the kitchen at night. My mom was immaculately clean, but I guess they smelled food, because they were always wandering around in there. They’d all run for cover when the light came on. In high school, I used to have a ferret that would actually hunt and kill roaches. The school was crawling with them. They are incredibly resilient. The worst is when they fly. I don’t so much fear them as loath them, though.

    My irrational fear: tipping vehicles. I think it’s because I grew up in FL, where the ground is flat. Anytime I drive in a place with a steep incline, I have to fight the ridiculous notion that the car is going to actually tip over…even though physics tells me that with the weight of the car and the plain of incline, this is not possible.

  9. Okay, I’m sorry about what I said about cockroaches, they are not as loathsome as I…wait…you’re not complaining? Good, because cockroaches are really as foul and disgusting as everyone thinks they are. I wish I had a ferret.

  10. Yeah, I take it back. I was raised by cockroaches. They brought me food and protected me from the preying mantis that killed my parents. Mowgli of the Insects, they call me. You insensitive twerp.

    And when the atomic bomb falls, we shall rule the earth.

  11. My weirdest irrational fear is fish. I’m not afraid of eating them, though—ignoring fish and chips with malted vinegar, yum—they don’t taste very good to me. Seeing them is really disturbing to me. I’m not aware of a particular incident that caused it, but I’m guessing it has something to do with growing up with fish. My family was always finding them floating upside down in the tank.

    Now, if I go to the food market where they’ve got huge tanks of very large fish, it feels like the world is bending around me and I feel a strong urge to go elsewhere.

    P.S. Clowns are incredibly scary, though my world doesn’t bend when I see them.


  12. TremblingEagle Says:

    Funny responses, sorry for overreacting and flying off the handle. When you are a part of any maligned subculture it’s easy to become over defensive and sensitive.

    Great show in any case.

  13. “my first experience with a clown was when I was six, and a clown robbed my parents of all their money then executed them in an alley outside a theater. ”

    It is therefore your literary (and of course moral) obligation to dress up at night as a clown and drive around in a clown car to fight crime. (or at least a Mini Cooper). Ideally, you’ll be able to cram about 9 of your similarly dressed friends into the same little car, and then you can fight crime as a team: The Doppel Gang. Which one is the actual Clown?! Only Justice Knows!

  14. “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?”

    You hit the nail right on the head Nigel, except that we use VW bug instead of a Mini Cooper, though we have been thinking of changing to a Smart Car.

  15. Cambodia Carl Says:

    Interesting story today. I liked it especially because the character didn’t automatically assume he was sane and not imagining the sounds.

    Insanity has always been a pretty big fear for me. When I was a kid and I had imaginary friends and we’d pal around or fight invisible monsters, I was told that I had to give that sort of thing up or people would think that I was crazy.

    In fact, it’s probably not a fear of insanity, but a fear of people thinking I’m insane that bothers me all these years later. Sometimes I’ll be driving and singing along with the radio or talking on the phone and I’ll notice someone looking at me, and I’ll wonder if they think that I was talking to myself or an invisible girlfriend. It makes me really paranoid.

    So paranoid that I’ll eventually lose my mind from it?

  16. great episode. Agree on cockroaches. I’ll never forget the day I looked up and realized they could be on the ceiling.

    What about parasites? I’d be pretty freaked out if I knew I had a big one in me.

  17. Loved the show. Rish, you did an excellent job all by your self.

    I have an irrational fear of fat, green tomato worms. Don’t know what it is about them that freak me out, but they do. Forgot all about this fear until this summer when I pulled back a stem of a plant and there he was, hanging off the back of a leaf. I screamed. My husband laughed.

    Also Clowns. I can’t add to what’s already been said. (shiver)

  18. Stinging insects. And my husband has an apiary in the back yard, so go figure. And I am claustrophobic, so I hate it when all the dinner stuff is close to me. My kids like to tease my by slowly pushing all the condiments at me during dinner. They’re so cute.

  19. I think it may be a form of claustrophobia, but I’m also terrified of seat belts becoming jammed. I have a utility knife handy when I’m in a car, but I’m not sure it’s handy enough if I get in an accident.

    I don’t feel this particular fear is irrational though. I really hate the seat belts that lock into place. They’re always locking on my inhale, leaving me no room to breath.

  20. Parasites. Pretty much anything from tapeworms to chiggers. But especially anything involving the ears. Even though they’re not even parasites, just saying the word “earwig” makes me wig out. (Ugh. So does typing it, apparently.) It’s been that way ever since I was eight and saw that scene from The Wrath of Khan.

  21. Damn…hsi scared the pants off me…which is pretty impressive considering I was sitting down and had a belt on. Very well done, another awesome episode.

  22. My only really issue with the story is that the evil dwarves that may or may not have been real were never sufficiently explained — that is, either WHY the MC saw them in particular, or WHY they chose his house to haunt. I think I needed that. I also think making Regina imperfect but somehow this guy thinks she’s the awesomest was a little weak. Her physical attributes, I think, weren’t a necessary detail.

    As for fears, I’m with Big: I just worry that something’s going to happen to my kid. And paper-cuts. Just thinking of them makes me shudder, and it’s impossible to get it out of my head once I start.

    One time, I squished a cockroach and there was some sort of worm inside that expanded from its tightly-coiled state into a loose spiral. Bleah. Disgusting.

  23. Nicole Suddeth Says:

    okay i figured i might as well comment on my disgusting & irrational fear.


    they have no brains…at least any that i can see! plus there’s one that dwells near the coast of japan that weighs 400 FREAKING POUNDS! (google image search giant jellyfish and you will see what i mean) if that doesn’t freak anyone else out i will jump in a tub of them. having never been stung by one, i guess this fear is unfounded but i guess i just don’t trust floating, stinging masses of jelly.

  24. Excellent episode. I have to agree with every fear listed, just thinking of typing them made me shudder. However, one of my biggest fears, beyond anything vomit related, are drains. I cannot pull the stopper in the bathtub without getting out first. It’s not the idea of being sucked in. Well, maybe there is that whole Nightmare on Elm street bathtub thing as well but it’s spiders. I remember every spider that was in or near my bathtub that I flushed down the drain and picture them all flooding out and surrounding me. Ugh I already said to much. So yeah, spiders and drains.
    And kelp.
    And shower curtains.
    And long deserted hallways in hotels.
    And hedges.
    And splash back. …I could go on forever.

  25. Speaking of scary things…(this probably belongs on Drabblecast forums, but what the heck?)


    “A 3.5-metre-long snake thought to have been living in sewage pipes in a block of flats in northern England for three months has been caught. . . . The huge snake has been slithering out of toilet bowls throughout a block of flats since August. . . .”

    Can you imagine? People had been putting bricks on their toilet seats because this enormous snake kept popping up. :D

  26. Wow, Abbie. I think I’m going to be checking the toilet for a few weeks now. T_T

  27. Speaking of scary scenes with old women, how about The Shining when the lady comes out of the bathtub.

    • The Old lady in the Shining definitely haunted me for a while. Couldn’t stand shower tubs or take showers at night!

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