Episode 50: Mother’s Harvest by Alex Moisi

Mrs. Rose loves the October visits with her two grandchildren, but this year the boys seem less interested in the truly important things in life. Is it that they’ve become teenagers now . . . or has evil finally entered their hearts?

Also, Rish and Big talk about Halloween traditions, their fondness for the holiday, and killing Mister Harris with flour.

Special thanks to Julie Hoverson and Josh Roseman for lending their voices to this episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.


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11 Responses to “Episode 50: Mother’s Harvest by Alex Moisi”

  1. Who did the story art? Very nice.

  2. That was our own Senor Rish Outfield.

  3. Harold Rose Says:

    This podcast is evil.

    Evil evil evil evil evil evil evil!

  4. What a lovely story.

    Is it wrong that I felt like cheering the old lady on?

  5. Big, don’t you mean “Senior” Rish Outfield, considering the old lady voice? Actually, that voice was very well done.

  6. Yeah, Rish’s old lady voice is indeed pretty good. And how about that “Harold” guy… *grin*

    I have to admit that, in the beginning, I was wondering where the horror was, though toward the end it took a very nice sharp turn. I might have liked a few more plot coupons leading us toward the spiders, but I can live without them. I am curious as to the Spider Being and how she kept Mrs Rose alive, and why it couldn’t save Harold.

    My favorite Halloween costume I ever had was as an executioner, complete with hood, all-black outfit, and costume weapons. Other notable costumes include sorcerer, astronaut, and Charlie Chaplin. These days, fewer and fewer parents are making the costumes, like my mom used to do.

    As an adult, I haven’t really been involved in Halloween very much, although in college my friend James used to invite me and my (then) girlfriend to his Halloween parties. There was a lot of drinking, and we all always ended up crammed into the hot tub.

    This year, I’m wearing my mullet wig to work, and that’s about it. I’m not really into Halloween anymore. Maybe when my daughter’s a little older.

  7. Oh my gosh, Josh, I can’t believe it. I totally forgot to credit you for your work as the voice of Harold. Crap, I knew something like this would happen sooner or later. Hopefully people recognized your dulcet tones and automatically put you onto their mental list of people who made this episode kick-ass. Sorry. I can’t redo the audio file, cuz it’s already uploaded, but at least I can add you to the show notes.

  8. I ain’t mad atcha. It’s like my old alter-ego of “Stealth Josh”. :)

  9. There’s one point during the episode where my voice drops an octive for a sentence or so. Sorry, puberty didn’t finally hit me, this was some kind of freaky error.

    I wish I could guarantee it won’t happen again, but then something worse would occur.

  10. I’m torn on how to answer the question of the old lady’s evilness. She certainly felt like she was doing the right thing.

    The problem is that young teenagers act that way. Going around assuming that your grandkids in particular are wicked because you have an idealized view of other people’s grandkids is naive at best. Perhaps in her sheltered environment, she really didn’t know better, but it seems unlikely.

    I guess she’s at least a darker shade of gray.

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t know any better. Doesn’t sound like she watched a lot of TV, and without that “great equalizer” all one has to judge by is memories and the people around you. And if they’re both telling you that children are still polite….

    Plus, if you firmly believe that what you are doing is “for their own good”, even something almost guaranteed to kill them, it’s not hard to justify taking the risk. If they’re innocent, they drown, and all that.

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