Episode 70: Kingdom Of Flies by Merrill Page

Nobody enjoys flies buzzing around their house, but Craig Payne really despises them. He rather enjoys ridding himself of the insect pests, and makes it his mission, his obsession, to keep his home from becoming the kingdom of flies.

Also, Rish and Big talk about catching bugs, shooting at rabbits and squirrels, bashing fish on the head, basic cruelty to animals. And Rish inadvertently ends up displaying several signs of being a incipient serial killer. Huge surprise there, huh? Bloopers

Special thanks to Bryan Lincoln for producing today’s story. Also, thanks to John Riendeau and Liz Lincoln for lending their voices to today’s episode.

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Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
Music in today’s episode was “The Insects Party” by Scarlatti Tilt, and “Don’t Bug Me” by Cali Casino.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


8 Responses to “Episode 70: Kingdom Of Flies by Merrill Page”

  1. I enjoyed the story! Kudos to the author.

    Good insect pet, that I have been raising for years: Monarch butterflies. They are pretty each step of their lives, their food is free and they’re gone after about 3 1/2 weeks. They are currently making their way back into the U.S. You can follow their progress (and see if they’re in your state yet) at the http://www.journeynorth.org site. And if one dies, no big deal. I am a monarch adoption coach, if you are interested.

    Great site for getting books for free (actually, a trading system) that I’ve swapped out about 100 books and chosen/received even more than that: Bookmooch.com. I use it all the time and have had great luck getting the books I like.

  2. Charmayne Norwood Says:

    I’ll never look at flies the same way again, and will definitely NOT kill them. Always an interesting story, a cross b/t outer limits and the twilight zone. AND loved the show intro: Ummm Tine enough at last (when them damn glasses broke) is one of my favorite Twilight Zone’s. I thought I was the only TZ nerd. You guys are crazy! (in a good way)

  3. STORY: I think the story was pretty good and very hair-on-the-neck-raising up through everything that came after Craig found the vole. After that the story just seemed to drag on and on and get more and more unnecessarily violent just in the pursuit of Craig getting his comeuppance. I think more hinting in as we got to the climax would’ve made the story that much more creepy. I also found places that could’ve been tightened, little details that authors love but have to cut (I had more than 1000 words of that in one of my stories).

    PRODUCTION: The Insects Party song was creeeeeeeeeeepy and although it seemed out there at first, it really underscored the dark mood of the piece.

    COMMENTARY: I’ve never killed anything non-plant larger than a fish. We had a squirrel infestation recently and I caught and released four of the little bastards. I eat meat, and I’ve dissected animals, but never actually killed them. I fear for the day I end up on a jury because I live in a very red state but could never sentence someone to the death penalty even if they “deserved” it.

  4. Good story, Merrill! I kept thinking they were going to find a body (or some other grisly thing) that was attracting the flies, and you took it in even more sinister direction. It was a nice touch of irony that the little girl ends up afraid of the flies. They probably saved her life, since her father seemed to be working his way up to killing a child, but of course she doesn’t know that.

    The pairing with the Insect Party song was perfect and oh so creepy. I don’t know whether that was Bryan or Big, but it was a great choice.

    If anyone wants to listen to the Dunesteef interview, it is here http://cowrycatchers.com/?p=456 and here http://cowrycatchers.com/?p=459 (two pieces, because one just wasn’t enough ;).

    Also, Rish imitating Nim (that’s my vocal cat) was priceless. :D Nim cannot understand why I want to go in a closet by myself and talk. He becomes concerned. He must speak to me about it. He has a peculiarly constipated meow.

    Your stories about fishing made me think of the market in Taiwan, where I used to go to buy vegetables and chicken (chicken for my cat – ha!). There was always this old women selling frogs (they eat everything over there – everything except cats, which must taste terrible). She would be gutting them live into a bucket. It always made me want to throw up. There’s got to be something wrong with a person who can thoughtlessly stick a knife into the anus of any living creature. :-(

  5. Oh, right. I forgot to put the links to those interviews in the show notes. Thanks for reminding me Abbie. They are now in place.

  6. I’m really glad the song resonated with people. I dug for a while before I stumbled on it, and this was the first time I wove a song around a story like this.

  7. Oh, also wanted to say that Abbie’s interview with Rish and Big was very good. I recommend it!

  8. Cowgirl89 Says:

    Enjoyed this story, although my skin started to crawl…We live on a large cattle ranch, so you can imagine the vast number of flies in the summer and fall. I could understand Craig’s problem and frustration a little too well, especially when the fly landed in his bowl of cereal and milk. How frequently have we been joined by uninvited dinner “guests” who swoop down landing onto our plates, and begin crawling all over our fresh meal?
    Too often I am struck with the unwelcomed thought of, “what have your tiny, little, disgusting, dirty feet just crawled all over before landing on my mashed potatoes?” Dinner has suddenly ended for me. I spend much of the meal swatting at flies.
    I giggled when Craig found the mole in the window in his daughters room and he said this is going to be fun, I thought this was the end. The author though had different ideas as he did throughout the story making it unpredictable, interesting, a fun story. Thanks Merrell for sharing your talent with us.

    Thanks so much Big and Rish for a super podcast. I have listened to you for over a year now, you are by far the top podcast. Thanks so much for all the hard work and talent you put into this podcast,I so enjoy the story as well as your commentary. So from a cattle ranch in sunny Alberta, Canada, thanks, Cowgirl89

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