Broken Mirror Story Event 2010

Between May 7th and June 7th, 2010, write a short story based on the following premise:
Story Chat

This story can be any genre and of any length. However, our podcast usually buys Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy stories, and we prefer stories longer than five hundred words.

A couple of rules:

  1. No multiple submissions, please. If you have more than one take on this idea, only send us the one you feel is best.
  2. Seriously, write the story between May 7th and June 7th, based on the idea we’ve presented. You can always rewrite an old story and present it as though it’s new, but if you do this, at least have the decency to lie about it.
  3. In the subject line of your email, mention that this is for the Broken Mirror Story Event (or the BMSE/BME).
  4. Even though the event ends on June 7th, we would rather get a complete, proofread story a couple of days late than a rushed story with typos and errors on June 5th.

Send the completed story in the body of an email to submissions(at) (replacing the “at” with @. Thanks for participating and being a creative person!

4 Responses to “Broken Mirror Story Event 2010”

  1. I’m thinking of a poem right now.

  2. Clay Dugger Says:

    Got my story, now just gotta get it written!

  3. I didn’t think I’d be able to write a compelling story using the idea I had. But the first draft is done, written in about three days. Can I repeat my success from last year? I guess we’ll see.

  4. Submitted!!!

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