Episode 75: OSSE Winner, All On St. Mark’s Eve by Rick Kennett and The Day Hypnotism Died by Kevin David Anderson

Two stories for you this time. First the champion of last year’s October Scary Story Event, “All on St. Mark’s Eve,” tells of a town’s legend of finding out who will die in the upcoming year, and a couple all too eager to find out if someone in particular is on the list.
Then, a bonus additional story. “The Day Hypnotism Died,” recounts one particular night in the lives of four teenage boys, and the performance that would change each of them forever.

Also, Big and Rish talk about their own experiences with–and thoughts on–hypnotism.

Special thanks to Julie Hoverson, John Riendeau, and Bryan Lincoln for lending their voices to today’s episode.

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Graveyard photo courtesy stuckincustoms.com
Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
Music was Requiem by Roger Subirana; The Music Box Somnambulist by Loreman; Funny Song by No Fun; Eternamente by Yachar; The Sky Is Inert, Ashen Angel, Congress of the Faceless Ones, Ailhorn Rite by Dereleech.
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17 Responses to “Episode 75: OSSE Winner, All On St. Mark’s Eve by Rick Kennett and The Day Hypnotism Died by Kevin David Anderson”

  1. STORY: Didn’t much care for the first one. The second one was kind of cool when the hypnotism finally happened.

    PRODUCTION: The smashed body effects really made the second story gruesome and horrific. Excellent choice.

    HYPNOTISM: I’ve never been hypnotized, nor been to a hypnosis show. But a friend of mine (who, I’ll admit, is extremely suggestible) has recently gotten into it and has allowed himself to be set up with subliminal triggers. For him it’s a sex thing, but I met the hypnotist he’s worked with and she’s very nice. I didn’t have the guts to let her try it on me, but apparently she’s very good at this sort of thing. (http://blisstrance.blogspot.com/) I don’t know. Not my style, really. I’m more about lucid dreaming.

  2. I was wrong, nobody had pod-block.
    Yeah, immediately when I heard the corndog comment, I knew all was well in Dunesteef land.

  3. Enjoyed the production, both stories, and whoever did the voice for the red-headed assistance really nailed it. Wow.

    As for Kinkade, his first appearance was on the Drabblecast’s Halloween episode (#36) Pumpkin seeds, then he jumped podcasts over to Dunesteef for Halloween in July. This was his third appearance and I’m not planning any more. But to be honest I didn’t really plan his 2nd and 3rd appearances. He keeps sticking his Stetson in my stories. He just won’t die.

  4. That was delightful! Once again, Rish’s old lady voice was so effective that I took a moment to realize who it was. That’s amazing.

  5. Samantha Says:

    An all around creepy episode. Well done. Now to mix it up, come Halloween-time you should run two Fourth of July stories.

    The whole ‘Evil carnival’ theme put me in mind of this –

    Weirdly, its an Alice Cooper-themed graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. It’s pretty good, for all its oddness.

  6. Hi Big and Rish!

    Great podcast! I found the Dunesteef via Abbie Hilton’s Cowry Catchers. I’d never been a big fan of short stories, because I usually like to get more immersed with a story and its characters, but after listening to several Dunesteef episodes I can see how ideal short stories are as podcasts. Also as I writer I love how you are giving writers another way to publish their work.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed both of the stories and commentary. Great job! Loved the Tales of Ribaldry SNL reference! I was also reminded of these guys:


    So thanks for what you do. And thanks to Bryan L., I think you will be hearing more from me soon!

    Take care,


  7. Who did the German accent? Was that Julie H.? I am in awe.

  8. Yeah, that was Julie. i lived in Germany for 5 years, and I still can’t do a good German accent. I’m jealous of people with such skill.

    • I worked hard on it, since for several years I played a German merchant at the renaissance faire. I love German Ren Costumes. When i was making my first big faire gown, I was doing a lot of the hand sewing while I was out at karaoke (they have air conditioning) and my friends there dared me to wear it in one night.

      So i got the whole getup on, got up on stage, and sang (in full German accent) that classic song …

      …The Humpty Dance.

      It was hilarious. Until a guy started trying to hit on me … because of the accent. Eeek! I mean, I’m in a full German renaissance gown, in bright yellow and green, on stage at a bar , rapping with a German accent…. He must have had beer stein goggles.

      • Oh, and I played a (male) u-boat officer in one of my episodes “The Temple”. Slightly different sounding voice for that, though.

  9. Nice, creepy little stories. It was great to hear from Kevin David Anderson again. I love his stuff. While I still think that Framing and Mounting Fairies is my favorite, I still liked this one. Good Job Kevin.

    I heard Rish’s drabble on the Drabble cast. Nice.

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