Episode 76: I Gotta Be You by Peter E. Abresch

Kevin Santani died in the hospital today. Or did he? If he died today, then why did he wake up in the hospital in a body other than his own?

Also, Big and Rish talk Nora Ephron, brain transplants, and welcome a new member of the team to the show…well, a temporary member anyway. Wait, Nora Ephron? Really?
Special thanks to Julie Hoverson, Christine Maia-Fleres, and Nicole Suddeth for lending their voices to today’s story.

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Photo by Chris Campbell
Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
Music was Les bottes en caoutchouc by Ehma
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


8 Responses to “Episode 76: I Gotta Be You by Peter E. Abresch”

  1. Ah! Finally!

    Great to see you back.

    I’ll look forward to enjoying this episode.

  2. STORY: I understand why Rish wanted another ending at first — I didn’t much care for the way the story just ended with Kevin/Sebastian playing an old standard on the piano. I felt like there should’ve been a little something more, but I don’t know WHAT. Still, the story itself was pretty good, although some of the MC’s word choices IMO didn’t quite fit with the accent. Which isn’t to say people with heavy NY accents aren’t smart — I’ve met many of them — it just didn’t sound right.

    COMMENTARY: I miss 080t. 80rg is a little too smarmy for my taste. The Zac Efron movie is “17 Again” — “13 Going On 30” was a Jennifer Garner version of “Big”, but without the kid-in-an-adult-body part. If I could go back to high school, I definitely would’ve forced myself to be more athletic — not join a team, per se, but exercise and eat less so I wouldn’t end up looking like I do now.

  3. Clay Dugger Says:

    Great story, although I must agree that it ended just as it was getting some momentum.

    More from Peter would be nice!

  4. Nicole Suddeth Says:

    Thanks for the props on the show! It made my work day just a little bit more awesome. Now only 7 hours to go…sigh.

    ps. I’m not sure how I feel about Rish getting along with the robot. It’s a bit suspect.

  5. I enjoyed this one, though by the end I was getting a little fed up with Kevin. For all the emotional drain of gearing up to die and getting told you’ve got a do-over, I think that the GIANT PILES OF MONEY and YOUNG ATTRACTIVE BODY might have compensated just a teeeeeensy little bit.

    Reliving high school holds no terror for me, for all that it nearly killed me (literally) the first time around, because the real secret to surviving high school – and the one thing no teenager ever really grasps – is that it eventually ENDS, and moreover DOESN’T MATTER. I could have a blast even dealing with my exact same problems all over again just being able to smile to myself and know what the real world is actually like.

    For all that, I don’t know that I’d enjoy the experience myself. I mean, how is he ever going to forge any sort of deep and lasting relationship with anyone? He’ll always be hiding behind a mask, and by the time he gets close enough to anyone to know he can trust them with his secret, he’d be close enough for them to feel horribly betrayed by the revelation that he’s actually a 70-year-old dude from some nursing home in New York and/or the twisted product of a mad scientist’s laboratory.

  6. Cambodia Carl Says:

    I don’t know. Sure, there are difficulties to living your life over again, but imagine being an old, old man, and then BAM!, you can run and jump and climb a flight of stairs without tiring and have sex five times in an hour with multiple partners.

    After you experienced that a time or two, you might rethink the whole, “But nobody in my class listens to Dean Martin” issue.

  7. I think if we did see more, all of the above misgivings would be addressed. He would realize he’d struck gold, he didn’t have any of his own memories anyway, so what’s the big deal. He’d be forgiven for not knowing things the kid should have because of the accident, etc.

    But it would be boring to hear it. I think the song at the end caps it well. He’s accepted the fact that he’s who he is now. No reason to fight it or be upset by it, just roll, baby.

  8. Cowgirl89 Says:

    Really, no one can understand why Kevin would not be happy being pulled out of his normal? His body was taken away, and yes the simple thought of a “new” young body, a chance to start over sounds appealing in contrast we have heard much about hand transplants. The recepient could not stand the feel of the hand, this foriegn limb, not to mention the thoughts that he felt were not his but must have come
    from the donor of the hand. Now imagine how truly odd, creepy even it would feel being inside someones elses entire body. Yes, it all sounds a bit like winning the lottery, but when surveyed, most lottery winners wished they had never won
    at all. Now who would have ever guesses that?

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