Special Episode: Harry Potter and the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

To tread water while Big edits the next Broken Mirror episode, we’ve decided to drop another non-story show here, to have something in time for Christmas. In this show, Rish and Big present their long-overdue thoughts about “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One.”

Warning: If you’re not a fan of Big and Rish’s banter and post-story conversations, run screaming from this episode. Also, profanity, poor jokes, and talk of splinching abound in this one.

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9 Responses to “Special Episode: Harry Potter and the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine”

  1. The profanity is fine, but is this episode spoiler-free? I haven’t seen the newest Harry Potter yet.

  2. You’d probably be best to see it first. While we offer less spoilers than reading the novel does, we still certainly say a thing or two to spoil this or that. You might want to save it for later.

  3. Will the Facebook group include feedback and critiquing? Because that’s really what I’m short on, and my crippling introversion isn’t really helping…

  4. The following comments contain spoilers.

    On the splitting of the films: I don’t have a problem with it in principle, because there really is a lot of good stuff. But there was still WAY too much camping and not enough explanation to warrant a good 30-40 minutes of that movie.

    On HP6: If you treat it as a sequel to HP5 the FILM, it makes sense. If you treat it as a film version of the book, it’s very disappointing.

    On the ending of Return of the King: Yeah, I really had to pee too. I did go in the middle — I had a friend suggest a good time to go after he’d seen the film a couple of times. But the movie really did end like 16 times.

    On goat-getting: I listen to TGMG, but only when it’s in the feed, because it’s too difficult to remember to go to the site and listen to it at work.

    On “the Dildo of Hufflepuff”: I LOLd mightily. At work. Thank you for that.

    On making out: Please don’t ever use that sound effect again.

    On the horcrux scene: Despite HP’s popularity, I’d be willing to bet a goodly number of people who read HP either are or have been Ron, which made the scene in the book — and thus the movie — resonate. In fact, I think the visual nature of the film made it even stronger than the one in the book, mostly because the big scene in the book was bookended by chapter upon chapter upon bloody chapter of camping.

    On the hanging teacher: We’ve never seen her in the books either. It was Professor Burbage, the professor of Muggle Studies. Plenty of other Hogwarts professors were never seen either — Sinistra, Vector, Grubbly-Plank… And yeah, that CG snake was pretty lame.

    Overall, I didn’t love the film. It was too boring, there wasn’t enough of the right kind of exposition, and the only actors who seemed to really care about their jobs were Emma Watson and Ralph Fiennes. The whole thing with Mr Lovegood was lame and contrived (because we don’t care enough about Luna); there was an assload of camping (just an excuse to show pretty scenery); and I didn’t care about the Hallows — what they were, what they meant, etc (there was just too much new information in that last book — and we haven’t even gotten to freaking WANDLORE yet, which I thought was total bollocks when I read it in the book).

    I did like the soundtrack — I didn’t like Nicholas Hooper’s soundtracks from HP5/6 AT ALL, but I liked Alexandre Desplat’s take on this one. I also thought Watson acted the opening sequence with the obliviation REALLY well. I’m not going to lie to you, Marge, I got more than a little choked up. The sky battle was cool, and the death of Hedwig was even better than the book.

    Unfortunately, the whole “go to Shell Cottage” thing made NO FREAKING SENSE! _I_ know where they were going, but the movie just ends and they’re… somewhere? Some beach? And there’s a grave for Dobby now? WTF?

    I’ll probably like it a lot better when I watch 7.1 and 7.2 together next fall, when both DVDs are out.

  5. Marshal Latham Says:

    I am one of those rare people who have never read Harry Potter. I have nothing against them or worry about the witchcraft or whatnot. I just never read them. I watched the first couple movies and then dropped off. I will probably watch them all when the last movie comes out on DVD. I enjoyed hearing you guys talk about it though. I wasn’t too worried about spoilers

    There is one movie I can think off that had “Part 1” in the title: Mel Brooks’ History of the World, Part 1

    Re Back to the Future: I thought there was a big enough difference between II and III that it didn’t really feel like a movie just stopping somewhere in the middle. Yeah there was a cliffhanger but the main plot II, Biff’s almanac, was pretty well tied up.

    Re Star Wars prequels: I am probably more forgiving than most. I actally liked TPM better than AOTC. Yeah Jar Jar is a pain, but I really liked Qui-gon Jin, and seeing Obi-wan as a padawan. The fight with Darth Maul was incredible, and I liked the concept of the driod army and the roller bots (whatever they are called). I could have done without another “one shot to the core saves the day” space fight, though. I completely agree with you on six movies that talk about the Clone Wars, but never actually shows them (okay, a bit in III but c’mon). That was dissappointing.

  6. I enjoyed the latest HP… I didn’t think it was GREAT. I don’t think any of the film adaptations have been anywhere near as good as the books. I agree that there’s been a lot left by the wayside throughout the films that at this point, if you haven’t read the books things aren’t entirely clear…at least, not the full scope of things. But I think overall, they do a pretty good job.

    And I 100% agree about connecting with Ron during that particular scene… Though I normally don’t overmuch in the rest of the series. He’s a bit like the Xander of the group. No super powers, no special abilities, but he shows up and fights the Big Bad day after day anyway.

    I also have to comment on Big’s impassioned speech about sex and violence and kids… mostly to say Bravo! When I was little my parents always treated sex as something normal and good and not taboo and I’m pretty sure it didn’t scar me for life. It might have to do with (at least I think so) why I’m so open and comfortable with sex now, which may be related to how big a flirt I am… but I’ve gotten no complaints. ;)

    They also showed me movies most people would probably think they were bad parents for showing me… I saw Platoon in the theater when I was 5, and it taught me well that real violence has consequences. I also think it helped me differentiate between real and fake stories. I became a huge horror fan a few years later, but I was never really scared because I understood it wasn’t real. Whereas Platoon, and other war movies, are still hard for me to watch to this day because I know that – even if they’re fictionalized – they’re depicting things that really happened.

    I do think kids can compartmentalize though… I know (mostly because my Uncle still likes to tell the story) that at 7 I would cry at the nightly news, and then giggle at the gouts of blood coming out of Glen’s bed when rewatching NOES. I knew that the things they were talking about on the news had really happened, and were not funny… but the things in the movie were fake and therefor it was okay to laugh. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about your kid laughing when Anakin was on fire, Big… it doesn’t necessarily mean he’d laugh if someone was on fire in front of him.

    Also, I think it would be great if you guys dropped TGMG into the main feed.


    PS: Oh… and I just have to mention… Rish geeking out over HP enough to recall the Creavey brothers names? Totally hot.

  7. I’m not a HP fan… Haven’t read any of the books, haven’t seen the movies, so I skipped all of that to the Barbie commercial on.
    I laughed so hard after that. You guys were on top of your game! No doubt people must have thought me even stranger than normal, laughing during laps at the gym.
    So, so funny.
    And when did I develop that lisp? Damn.

  8. I just want my Dunesteef….

  9. logan bacharach Says:

    These stories drown out the voices in my head and a $ 10 donation is so much cheaper than lithium. Thank you.

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