Episode 93: The Alarm by Harris Tobias

An alarm has started ringing, but no one knows what it’s for. Old Havermayer, the beggar, says it’s a signal to alert the town that the dragon wakes. Could it be true? What will become of this peaceful town?

Plus, Rish and Big talk Batman casting (that’s right, they cast Bane’s part…oh, and maybe another part too), and someone stops in to offer Rish Outfield a little help with women, just in time for Valentine’s Day.
Special thanks Marshal Latham for producing today’s story, and to Bryan Lincoln, Marshal Latham, and Kelley Latham for lending their voices to today’s episode.

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Picture by Ainhoa Pcb on flickr.com
Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
Music was Traveling Minstrels by Matthias Westlund.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


15 Responses to “Episode 93: The Alarm by Harris Tobias”

  1. Marshal Latham Says:

    Chalupa for you, Rish. Chalupa for you, Big.

    What I liked about this story are the hints that are left along the way. If you go back and listen, you can pick out parts of the backstory that point to the con. I also just enjoy a good con story. I like the size of the tale. If it went much longer, I might feel a bit cheated. That said, it might be nice to see some of the ill treatment of the town toward Peer and the Mayor, but I really don’t see much opportunity to work that in. Anyway, good job Harris. I liked it.

    • Marshal Latham Says:

      I forgot to also say that I really liked the image and lettering for the title splash above.

    • Dear Marshal,
      I wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on my story. You did it proud. I can hardly believe I wrote it. I will submit again and I hope we can work together again.


      • Marshal Latham Says:

        I am glad you liked it, Harris. I’m just thankful to Big and Rish for letting me play in their playground; and for the extra finesse which they added to the audio for me.

  2. Never heard of you before. Loved the episode.
    As a fellow author and friend of Harris, I, too, am always looking for such venues for my stories. Is there a way in which I can send you something for consideration?
    Also, please put me on your notification list for new episodes.
    Back to this story, I love Harris’s stuff and highly recommend The Greer Agency.

    • Nicole Suddeth Says:


      If you want to give us a story to read, I’d suggest checking out our submission guidelines in order to puzzle out what we like. The email address to use should be listed there as well. I’m the unofficial “slush pile queen”, so in all likeliness I’d check your story beforehand. Hope to see you in the pile!


  3. Hey, Kenneth, there’s three buttons on the right side of the page under the title Subscribe that give the options on how you want to be notified of our next episode. You can subscribe with your iTunes to get the show downloaded automatically. You can subscribe with a different kind of reader, be it a podcatcher or just Google reader or whatever. There’s several choices to pick from if you click that one. Or you can subscribe to our mailing list, which sends you an email every time we have a new episode. Pick whichever one you prefer, and welcome. Thanks for checking us out.

  4. I liked the story, but I needed to comment about the commentary.

    People being born without buttholes isn’t funny. It actually does happen.

    There was a boy in the NICU when my daughter was born that was born without an anus. Imagine a baby with a colostomy bag. Diapers may not be fun, but colostomy bags can only be worse. Then the kid gets multiple surgeries to have an anus made.

    It is good that it can be corrected, but nothing about it is funny.

  5. Morgan Elektra Says:

    I meant to comment on this previously… but I am one of those people you guys talked about with the 2 middle names. In fact, all but one of my siblings has two middle names… and the one sister that doesn’t has no middle name at all, but merely a long hyphenated first name that she’s broken up into a first & middle. And the reason for all this is that my parents are weird. My mother has several middle names, more than two even… although I think at least one is a confirmation name so I don’t know how that works. I’d be happy to donate one of my families’ plethora of middle names to Rish… my brother even has one that begins with T!

    Anyway, another great episode guys! (As always).


  6. Rish, you are so right about Frank Miller.

  7. So, you guys profess to love Catwoman but hate cats. I’m sure Selina can teach you the meaning of the word pain.

  8. Not to put up another Shortpacked! comic when Nathaniel just did, but Rish, your talk about Batman retconning reminded me of this comic.

  9. Cambodia Carl Says:

    Listening to Rish this episode and last makes me feel better about my own Valentine’s Day experiences. Hell, it makes me feel better about *all* of my experiences.

  10. Great episode, but I had to comment on the whole ‘Batman Returns Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne dancing and realising who the other is’ moment. I agree that scene of the film really puts a hinge in the story.

    HOWEVER! Sergey Lukyanenko’s novel does it superbly in Day Watch, the follow up to Night Watch and I’d recommend anyone to read the two novels.

    On topic, great episode, if a little predictable, but it was well written, well read and well produced. Well done, guys.

  11. Morgan Elektra Says:

    Oh! PS: Michael’s comment reminded me that I wanted to say I really dig the whole Catwoman & Batman/Bruce & Selena dynamic of Batman Returns too. When you guys were talking about the fight scene and the dance scene I remembered exactly the exchange you were talking about (“Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it” “A kiss can be even deadlier… if you mean it”) even though it’s been YEARS since I’ve seen the movie. I wasn’t totally sold on the whole film, but their storyline was very compelling.

    PPS: The Plague Birds promo I just heard on the latest episode of Dead Robots Society was AWESOME!

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