Promo: The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name

Rish asked me if I would play the promo for his new podcasting venture. Out of pity, after he told me how dull and two-dimensional the phantom zone is, I agreed. So, here you go.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.

12 Responses to “Promo: The Podcast That Dares Not Speak Its Name”

  1. Samantha Says:

    *shakes a fist!*

  2. lunastrixae Says:

    I could see this happening…Dunesteef B-sides?

  3. Phontom Zone Says:

    You don’t like Rick Astley? Trust me it could be worse. That Zod fellow insisted that he and his cohorts sing kareoke BeeGees tunes. They looked the part, sure be the sound was horrible, especially Ursa. Non complained saying that the BeeGees didn’t have a female singer, but Zod insisted that the BeeGees sounded like girls so it really didn’t matter. Boy, am I glad that’s over.

    • Phantom Zone Says:

      Sorry, I got Ursa and Non mixed up there. Oh well … Nevergonnagive, nevergonnagive, give you up. It’s catchy.

  4. While grooving to the soothing tones of Rick Astley, it occurred to me to wonder whether the whole arc of The Dunesteef since episode 100 has been a massive ploy to get us to beg to have Rish back. And then I wondered whether the R&D for this episode arc came from a series of “The Brady Bunch”, “The Facts of Life”, “Eight is Enough” or “Fat Albert” episodes (where R=rip-off and D=duplicate).

  5. For the love of Rish Says:

    Come back Rish! We will give the machine is given to the jawa for a reasonable price.

  6. What I want to know is if Rish is in the Superman: The Movie phantom zone, or the Smallville one. Because I think I saw him in the Smallville one a couple weeks ago. He was that guy with the thing, in the corner over there. You know who I mean.

  7. I think that this break up of the Dunesteef duo “arc” is a dangerous game – you may lose some faithful listeners if it continues. Unknowns in any market breed flight. And some of us may actually like Rish!

  8. Umm…


    Fan for life now!

    Go Rish?!

    (Back! Back to the Asylum!)

  9. Morgan Elektra Says:

    I heart you so hard Rish Outfield. ^_^

  10. Terri B Says:

    Was sooo not happy with the thought of having only Big and the Bot. Love ya Big, but I need more tangents in my after story banter. I listen to the podcast when I do my dishes, and boy howdy, that Rickroll was just not cutting it while I held the steak knife.

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