Episode 102: Shoveling Match

Kendall Anderson meets his new neighbor whilst shoveling the snow off his driveway, only to discover he’s a bit of an oddball. But not to be outdone, Kendall reveals he’s got a dark side as well.
Afterward, the Dunesteef gang talk about ambition, failed projects, and unrealized dreams.

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Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
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14 Responses to “Episode 102: Shoveling Match”

  1. Hazzah!

    Fun story and all is right with the world.

  2. Marshal Latham Says:

    Great to have Rish back! Hopefully that sensitivity training will help out. Quite a nice song there too. Rish could totally kick Rick Astley’s butt in a sing off. “…his hair uncombed, his face unshaven, his pants undone…” Hilarious! especially with the seriousness of the mood music and Renee’s voice.

    The story was a good one. I think the neighbor would have picked up on Kendell’s sarcasm, but it was an enjoyable tale.

  3. Gotta clear that up, especially since she didn’t get to say guilty for the trial, but that voice wasn’t Renee, it was Suddendeath Nicole, our Submissions Editor.

    Also, I think the neighbor didn’t pick up on the sarcasm because he was socially backwards freak, the kind of person who might wind up as a serial killer. But that’s just my guess. Rish is the one who wrote it after all.

  4. Loved it when Bigg in the story said “No, just me.” After rish asked “Do they really say that round here?”

    Sounded like an actual serial killer XD

  5. Nicolas Says:

    Good show, and good story, well-written and edited :)
    It is cool to hear the Dynamic Duo reunited !

  6. I really liked this episode. The story was a lot of fun, and The Norm Sherman cameo at the beginning had me laughing out loud at work. Still, I’m glad that the “Rish exiled” plot line has been resolved.

  7. I really liked this episode. The story was a lot of fun, and The Norm Sherman cameo at the beginning had me laughing out loud at work. Still, I’m glad that the “Rish exiled” plot line has been resolved.

  8. Sean Ford Says:

    Almost all comic book villains started out as cartoonishly evil bad guys. It wasn’t until the Seventies that creators started giving depth and complexity to the bad guys. Even Magneto was part of some group that called itself the Evil Mutant Society or something when he first showed up.

    I think every one of the baddies Stan Lee created used to say “Bah!” at the beginning of each statement and speak of themselves in the third person.

  9. I’m really disappointed we didn’t get to hear that story they were going to do, by that new author. Maybe they’ll play it on a future show. The title has me hooked, I gotta hear it.

  10. L'Androide Says:

    Good to see Rish is back, loved Norm’s cameo, just one thing about the story though. Do many serial killers openly announce themselves as such to their neighbors? It seems counterproductive.

  11. richard cole Says:

    what is the name of the firefly table read!!! I want to listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rish Outfield Says:

      The table read was just for the producers, unfortunately. However, the first episode is currently being edited, and I’ll let people know when my shows (if any) hit the air.

  12. I think that serial killer was slightly silly.

  13. Creepy.

    There seemed to be a weird sort of vulnerability with the real serial killer. Like he was coming to like the idea of having a kindred spirit living next door – only to have that happy little thought crushed by the well-meaning-yet-incredibly-annoying neighbor. The tension left at the ending was really effective. I wouldn’t want to that other neighbor. Not at all.

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