Episode 105: Emmett, Joey & The Beelz by Ralph Sevush

Seven years ago, loser drug-addict Joey and his bullying, hulking friend Emmett made a deal with the Beelz. The details are hazy, maybe something about a job, maybe something about a book, but now the word on the streets is that Beelz is back, and ready to collect. outtakes

To say more might be too say too much.

Also, Rish tries to apologize for how late this episode is, Big tries to deflect blame, and the subject of casting against type is discussed.

Special thanks to Rich Girardi and to Juliet Bowler for lending their voices to today’s episode.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.


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Music was Battare Prosciutto (Trad.) by Youkali & Harper, Date With Misery by Gleb Bones, Something’s Wrong v2 by Shane D. Rymer, and Vitryla by Nameless (UA, Ternopil).
Some sound effects were provided by freesound.org.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


12 Responses to “Episode 105: Emmett, Joey & The Beelz by Ralph Sevush”

  1. Ralph Sevush Says:

    thanks, guys. well done!

  2. I liked this story for its layers, though it does come together more on a second listen. Sometimes I think I just need to pretend that I don’t know you guys because it always takes me a minute or two to not hear you as Big and Rish doing accents to really getting into the characters. The accents were great, but I know it’s you, so I need time to adjust. I think Big channeled a little Billy Crystal.

    I also like the story for its fun factor. It definately has that deal-with-the-devil vibe going, but with golems…bonus.

    Good production too, Rish. I like the music transitions. Music is something that I am trying to work on so I was paying attention. It has become habit now to listen to Dunesteef episodes twice, once for the story, and then once more for production details. Being entertained and learning something, not bad.

  3. Samantha Says:

    I haven’t listened to the commentary section yet, but I just wanted to say how very much the last line of the story made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh. I live in southwestern CT and Yankee fans and anti-Yankee sentiment are to be found in equal measure, so I can appreciate a Mets fan’s sniping. :P

    I was also highly entertained by the attorney blowing “mysterious hot air.” *snicker*

  4. This is one I thoroughly enjoyed. I listened to it at work and people looked to see why I was laughing…

    I know the Golem as myth, not really part of the Jewish religion but as folklore; if you haven’t read it yet, I recommend “He, She and It” (published as “Body of Glass” outside the USA): http://dannyreviews.com/h/Body_of_Glass.html – it is very different from this story but brings up the same question, of mankind creating something with – or without – a soul.

    A thing I noticed about this show – I can’t remember any other episode where you stuck to the topic of the story for almost the entire length of the post-story part; I think that says allot about how good a story it was.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Had to listen twice. This story was great, but my attention deficit disorder was in full effect this week and I just couldn’t keep up with the story while at work, where I normally listen to my dunesteef. Accents were spot on. Again, I bow to the music choices and placement. I think its my biggest weakness as a producer.

  6. I really enjoyed this story. It was just something different and fun. And thanks for the outakes. I heart you guys!

  7. What a great freaking story ! I thought I had it pegged with the ‘Beez’ name and all – then a total reversal of where I thought the story was going. I LOVE it when a story does that !

    Great voice work – Rish really nailed the tough, Jewish, New Yorker well, and Big’s ‘Junkie’ was pretty convincing too.

  8. This was fun. A little bit too explanatory for my taste, but the production values made up for that.

  9. I enjoyed this story a lot. I didn’t know much (anything) about the golem mythology, and I always like stories where the speculative fiction element is not what you typically see. Great job with the production and acting too!

  10. Ralph Sevush Says:

    Thanks to David Steffen and his blog, Diabolical Plots http://www.diabolicalplots.com/?p=2345#comments, for giving my story an honorable mention in his list of top Dunesteef stories to date. I’m proud to be listed among such estimable authors and their works.

  11. Ralph Sevush Says:

    The story has been included in a new British anthology of neo-pulp short fiction. The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes, V3, available at: http://www.amazon.com/Alchemy-Press-Book-Pulp-Heroes/dp/0992980909/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1

  12. The story is now available in an anthology of my stories, called “Spira Mirabilis: Fantastic Tales From the Marvelous Spiral”, available on Amazon and here: http://www.taqlutpress.com/

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