Submissions Closed Until Sometime In 2012

The Way Is Shut

Sorry, Charlie, the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine is closing submissions until 2012. It’s the holiday season, and to make the season bright, we’re giving our submissions editor and slush readers some time off. We’d like to thank all our readers and co-editors, and hope to give them a few weeks to catch up on stories and catch up on some Z’s. If you’ve sent us a story in the recent past, and we haven’t responded about it, just be patient with us. We will respond to it eventually, we promise.

Hold on to your potatoes, however. We’re not quite done with 2011 yet. At least possibly not.


2 Responses to “Submissions Closed Until Sometime In 2012”

  1. We will assume this is true for the entire multiverse.

  2. No, no, Earth-2 Rish is always taking submissions for TPTDNSIN.

    Unfortunately, his show pays in dollars with President Nixon on them, so I don’t know that they would do you any good.

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