Broken Mirror Story Event

We haven’t posted an official announcement with the rules and whatnot to this yet, so I figured I’d better before the contest is over and all.

The Broken Mirror Story Event is a story contest in which the participants are given a writing prompt, and they take that prompt and run with it however inspiration strikes them. Then the stories are read by our judges, and the top stories are produced as episodes of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. The fun of the event is getting to see how different all the takes on the same idea can be.

This years prompt is:

A phone rings in the middle of the night. The voice on the line says only one word…but it is enough.

And scene. I mean, sorry, not scene. And go! Start writing. You have until January 12, 2012 to write your story and submit it to submissions at dunesteef dot com. Also, we like to publish all the losing entries on our site in text format, so that those of us who aren’t judges can see them, and get that same fun experience that the judges got. This is not mandatory, and you may opt out of this. There’s always somebody every year who doesn’t want to participate in that part, but if you’d like to have your story published along with the rest, then folks can come to read the lot, and see where all the different takes went. Here are the stories from last year, and these are the stories from the year before. Check them out.

Thanks for participating, and get writing!


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