Episode 127: The Last Words Of Daniel Shupak by Erich William Bergmeier

Erich William Bergmeier invites you to a dinner party at the Shupak house. The occasion? The end of all life on Earth, of course. Be warned: unlike most end-of-the-world stories, this one’s a bit of a downer. outtakes

Afterward, Big and Rish talk briefly about the impending apocalypse. I sure hope they remember to thank Clay Dugger for producing this story.

Speaking of thanks. special thanks to Clay Dugger for producing today’s story, to L. “Scribe” Harris, Gwendolyn Jenson-Woodward, Tanja Milojevic, and Tobias Queen for lending their voices to today’s episode, and to Dave Krummenacher for today’s episode art.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.


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8 Responses to “Episode 127: The Last Words Of Daniel Shupak by Erich William Bergmeier”

  1. Clay Dugger Says:

    Thanks for all the great voice work, guys! I think you all overshadowed my narration.

    Not that I think of it that way, that sucks! I don’t wanna be the worst in the story! I vote for Rish to be the worst! Tobias is too nice to be the worst.

    • Clay Dugger Says:

      Um, that should read “Now that I think of it that way…”
      Wish I could type.
      Or spell.
      Or write.

  2. Pirvonen Says:

    Magnificent. Simply great. The story was a thoroughly studied example of the smallness of us humans, the narrow scope of our lives and philosophies. The story competes in its desparation with some of the classic Russian authors.

    There were perhaps some shockwaves in the audio production. Some of it may have come from my cheapest-available loudspeakers, but part of it persisted even on the earphones.

    (And although there was a moment or two when the hosts’ banter faltered for a moment, I was once again amazed at the leaps of non sequitur you guys are capable of. Good listening.)

    I am a small person. I would probably go to the lake house, sit on the deck and watch the world come apart with a nice cup of tea in my hands.


    • Clay Dugger Says:

      Was there a problem with the audio? You said “shockwaves”, but I don’t know if you are talking about the effects or the mix.
      If it has problems with the audio, let me know so I can watch it next time.

      • I liked the effect of the incoming shockwaves, but it made for slightly distracted driving. I’m glad I wasn’t jogging, at least.

    • Yeah, turn out there were some compression problems. That was entirely my fault.

      • Pirvonen Says:

        Other than that, I liked the production. The pacing of the voices, the overall feel, supported the atmosphere very well. Good work, that man!

  3. R. Michael Litchfield Says:

    Hated it.

    Depression I can do but depression with tedious boredom is just too damn much to expect us to put up with.

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