Episode 144: Unholy Womb by Steven E. Wedel

Unholy Womb

A boy picks up a couple of pumpkins in preparation for Halloween, only to find out they are part of a bizarre and deadly Halloween trick.

In a bit of a different episode than usual, Rish shares his reading of Steven E. Wedel’s “Unholy Womb,” the title track of the audiobook he recently narrated for Steven’s collection “Unholy Womb and Other Halloween Tales,” soon to be available for purchase on Audible.

Afterward, Big and Rish talk about producing this story, its potential for expansion, its villain, and say goodbye to their traditional recording location: Big’s kitchen table. If you listen closely, you may even find out which is worse: a band calling a later album by the band name, or a sequel or prequel naming itself by the original title.

Special thanks to Steven for allowing us to use his story on the show.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.


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One Response to “Episode 144: Unholy Womb by Steven E. Wedel”

  1. Pirvonen Says:

    You read very nicely, Rish. The pacing makes it comfortable to immerse oneself in to the story AND the way you use pacing to create mood is subtle yet effective. I would call this “high production values” episode for the quality of the audio, clear yet unobtrusive characterisations, and overall approachability of the recording.

    Luckily, most Dunesteef episodes are not overproduced. This bare-bones approach is not necessarily what we the audience expect from you, but once in a while it works quite well.


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