About Us

Who And What Are We?

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine is what its name says it is. We produce audio files of fiction stories for people to listen to. Check them out, they’re free to download. Share them with your friends, the more people who listen, the better.

The magazine thing might be harder to explain. On a quarterly basis, we will bring you a magazine’s worth of stories. If you look at the table of contents to a magazine like Asimov’s Science Fiction, you get something like four short stories, two segments of serialized novelettes, one segment of a serialized novella, and a few poems. You will probably also get an article or two about books or conventions and the like. So, approximately seven short story length pieces, and a few bits of gravy to go on top. Quarterly (to begin with, but soon we’d like to expand to a monthly schedule), we will bring you these things.

Everything will not be released at once, however. The magazine will build itself, story by story, as the quarter goes along. One week, you’ll get a story. Two weeks later, you’ll get another story, the next week you’ll get a third story, three weeks later you’ll get an article, and so forth. This will continue, until the magazine is complete. And then we start a new quarter.

Each story (or article or novella or whatever) will be introduced by our hosts and editors Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich. However, we hope to make available versions of them without the intros, in case you can’t stand to listen to those knuckleheads, but would still like to listen to the story. They will be available to download on the site, or you could subscribe to the feed through your favorite application, like any other podcast.

The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine is not out for profit (anyone publishing short stories would be insane if they were out for profit). We will be accepting donations to our cause on our site, because we do pay our authors for their work. We will also be accepting ads to run on our podcasts. Our hope and goal is to become the highest paying genre fiction market out there. This, we expect, will be the best way to get our listeners the best possible stories. Hopefully, when even the biggest names in fiction write a short story, they will think of us first. Maybe we’re dreaming, and our heads are in the clouds, but that is our goal. Whether we achieve what we’re after remains to be seen.

What Does Our Content Include?

Our focus is on our favorite genres, namely: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. However, we will not limit our listeners to this narrow classification. If a story is good, but contains no elements of SF/F/H, we will still produce it for our listeners to enjoy. After all, it’s good to have a little variety in one’s diet. While pizza and Coke are wonderful, and good enough for daily consumption (in my mind), even a fatso like me wants an apple or an orange or even (gasp!) a salad once in a while. In other words, The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine hopes to bring you a nice variety of fiction to please your ears and invigorate your mind and soul.

We do not provide ratings for the material we make available on our Audio Magazine. G, PG, R and so forth are so flawed and subjective, that we’re just not going to bother. We call on parents to stand up and take a roll in your children’s upbringing. Put the P back in PG. Listen to the episode first, decide if it’s appropriate for your youngster, and then proceed accordingly. There will certainly be plenty of episodes that are not for kids, and there will be plenty that are okay for kids, but every parent differs when it comes to what is okay and what isn’t, so we will let you decide. You know better after all.

Please join us for loads of great stories to pass the time behind the wheel, in the dentist’s office, or car repair shop waiting room. You won’t be disappointed.

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