Broken Mirror Stories 2010

For the second annual Broken Mirror Story Event, the call was put out to listeners to write a short story based on the premise “A child is proclaimed King (or Queen), but it turns out to be more than just a game.” Several writers sent in their takes on the theme (with impressively varying results) and gave us kind permission to reprint their stories here.

After each story, feel free to leave positive comments and constructive feedback if you’re so inspired. Thanks, and enjoy.

May He Reign Forever by Nathaniel Lee
Cenizas And The Ash King by Lizanne Herd
Dax Plays Faire by Void Munashii
A Dog And His Boy by Josh Roseman
The Nameless King by Amanda Larson
Grienne The Lost by Bryan Lincoln
King Jimmy by Susan Verocchi
Queen, Reluctant by Clay Dugger
Bicentennial by C.J. Swift
Michael by Carla Manzoni
Have It Your Way by Derek L. Palmer
Queen Bea by Big Anklevich
Head Of The Class by Rish Outfield


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