Broken Mirror Stories 2009

For the first Broken Mirror Story Event, the call was put out to listeners to write a short story based on the premise “Someone arrives in town, and discovers that everyone there is exactly the same.” Several writers sent in their takes on the theme (with impressively varying results) and gave us kind permission to reprint their stories here.

After each story, feel free to leave positive comments and constructive feedback if you’re so inspired. Remember, art that is not a remake or contains a roman numeral should always be encouraged.

The Return by Kevin Anderson
Scriptopia by Michael A. Kechula
CHEMO: The Town Of Golden Woods by J.M. Perkins
The Mystery At Granholm by Sean Arata
Run Away by Gerry Kaye
The One-Eyed Man Is King by Rish Outfield
Straw And Sawdust by Big Anklevich
Broken Mirrors by P.J. Shearrer
Same, Same by Gaile Wotherspoon
Cody by Camerson Horsburgh
Wilde River by Sean Ford
Wrong Turn by Wendy Cooper
Where Once Your Soul Dwelled by Liz Mierzejewski
27 Jennifers by Josh Roseman

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