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Episode 81: Forests Of The Night by Abigail Hilton

Posted in Abigail Hilton, Fantasy, Short Story on September 13, 2010 by dunesteef

Adel arrived at a hospice, and seemed to be like any ordinary patient, but she endlessly tried to flee, and constantly muttered in German about needing to “verwandeln.” What could she mean?

Also, Big talks a bit about Dean Wesley Smith’s “Killing The Sacred Cows Of Publishing,” and Rish argues with him about them. Then, they play a round of “Two Truths & A Lie,” with a book by Kevin David Anderson hanging in the balance.

Warning: Some of Rish Outfield’s statements in this episode are even more (deliberately?) incendiary than usual. Listen with a grain of salt handy.

Special thanks to Lizanne Herd for producing and narrating today’s story, and to Julie Hoverson for lending her voice. outtakes

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.

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Episode 41: Miranda And The Butterfly by Abigail Hilton

Posted in Abigail Hilton, Comedy, Fantasy, Short Story on August 3, 2009 by dunesteef

Miranda has never known her father, and her mother hasn’t been very forthcoming about identity. But one day, staying home from school, she meets the man, and everything becomes clear.

Afterward, Rish and Big talk about destiny, being ordinary, and make fun of Abbie much more than is necessary. Also, it’s been ten years since Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in theatres. What do they remember about its release, and how do they feel about the movie now?

Special thanks to Liz Mierzejewski for lending her voice to today’s story, and Lisa Wilde for today’s episode art.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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Episode 25: A Cat Prince Distinguishes Himself by Abigail Hilton

Posted in Abigail Hilton, Drama, Fantasy, Short Story on March 11, 2009 by dunesteef

Lexis is a prince, the child of a cruel and fearsome king.  He is destined to become the king in his father’s place.   That is, if he can survive the death duel he must fight with his brother, the other cat prince.  And now, as his father’s army is sacking and destroying an enemy city, Lexis seeks a way to outdo his brother.  There must be some way in this battle to distinguish himself.

Also, Big and Rish talk about cats and dogs, and give their opinion on which ones are better.  Warning, if you love cats, this show may offend you.

A special thanks to Ric Vinhage for helping with the editing of today’s episode.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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Photo by MaryEllen and Paul

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