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Episode 73: My Symantha by Doug McIntire

Posted in Doug McIntire, Horror, Mystery, Short Story on May 24, 2010 by dunesteef

Symantha didn’t come down for breakfast today. Someone else came in her place. Someone in Symantha’s clothes, acting like she does, even talking like she would. Although she claims she’s Symantha, it’s obviously just a prank. Isn’t it? bloopers

Also, Rysh and Byg talk about “The Twylyght Zone” and Iryn Myn 2.
Special thanks to Lizanne Herd and Christine Maia-Fleres for lending their voices to today’s episode.

Right click HERE to download the episode, select Save Link As, and save the file to your hard drive.

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Music was Runaways by Elle Lefant, Omnipresence by Dereleech, and Melancholy I by Doemee.
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The October Scary Story Event

Posted in Administrative, Alex Moisi, Amanda Crum, Doug McIntire, Kevin Anderson, OSSE on October 3, 2009 by dunesteef

Once again, we at The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine will be having a special short story writing event during the month of October. Basically the deal is this: write a scary story within the month of October, and submit it to us. The best story or two will be made into an episode of our show. It doesn’t have to be an idea you came up with during the month of October, just write the story in October. And be sure it’s scary. That’s all it takes. You have a little less than a month now, so you’d better get started.

When you submit your story, be sure to note in the subject line that it is for the October Scary Story Event. That is all, return to what you were doing. Thank you.

Listen to last year’s winners:
The Ghost Of Sadie Worth by Doug McIntire
Megan’s Bridge by Amanda Crum
Halloween In July by Kevin Anderson
The Artist by Alex Moisi

Episode 22: OSSE, The Ghost Of Sadie Worth by Doug McIntire

Posted in Doug McIntire, Horror, OSSE, Short Story on February 6, 2009 by dunesteef


It’s finally here! The first of our four October Scary Story Event finalists.

In today’s story, four friends decide to do something different than Trick-or-Treating for Halloween this year. When they get more than they bargained for, the answer to one question might be the difference between life and death. The question is: do you believe in Sadie Worth?

Also, Big and Rish do feedback on last weeks episode.  Special thanks to Bennett Jackson, Nicole Suddeth, and Oliver Donahue for lending their voices to this episode.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.

Right click to download the episode HERE.

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Episode 8: Woman Called Witch by Doug McIntire

Posted in Action, Doug McIntire, Horror, Short Story on September 6, 2008 by dunesteef

What’s more scary than being in a bank when three men come in to rob it? Being in a bank with three robbers…and a strangely calm old woman. A woman called Witch.

Also, Rish and Big talk about the Horror genre, its sad ghettoization, and what scares people.

Special thanks to Melissa Hills for the episode art.

Right click to download the Episode HERE.

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